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Friday, July 7, 2017

UPDATED: Clear signs that Trump is really losing it


UPDATED: Trump once again wandered off, apparently having lost track of where he is. This time, it was after his remarks in Poland before a hand-pick crowd of Polish nationalists. There was a bullet-proof shield set up to protect him, but Trump wandered off, leaving the safety of the shield. CLICK HERE for the story and video.

Donald Trump’s obsession with Twitter and inability to concentrate on any concept more complex than a sentence or two is now being put to use by his desperate staff.

Trump is having a high-stakes, crucial sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Europe. 

Unfortunately for America, he cannot concentrate on learning anything before he goes. Trump is infamous for refusing to read intelligence briefings (or read anything, really), but his lack of focus has only gotten worse as his poll numbers slide and his petty fights with morning show hosts and his golf trips consume most of his days.

Image result for Trump wanders off
Trump wanders away from his limousine
His frantic staff is down to one last move to get him to read a few facts before sitting down with Putin. What follows is one of, perhaps, the most pathetic things you’ll ever read.

Here’s what sources told the LA Times about how Trump’s team is getting the president to read up on the adversary who interfered in the 2016 presidential election just months ago:

The profile, according to two U.S. officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the preparations, is part of a thick binder prepared for Trump. The president often doesn’t read the usual briefing books and relies on in-person briefings, the officials said, so aides also have written a list of tweet-length sentences that summarize the main points Trump could bring up with Putin.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Related concerns are starting to crop up that Trump is experiencing “sundowning,” a behavior seen in some elderly people where they appear to forget where they are. There have been at least four public incidents in the past year where Trump seemed to lose track of what was going on and wandered off, needing to be led back by staff.

Related image
Trump wanders out of the Oval Office in the middle of a signing ceremony
Having thoroughly killed the reputation of the White House in a variety of ways, Trump now isn’t even expected to read anything longer than a tweet.

And his Republican allies in Congress don’t seem to find anything wrong with that.

There is a growing sense, both in Washington and around the country, that the executive branch no longer functionally exists. 

Trump watches an estimated 5 hours of television a day. 

He tweets at his enemies, sometimes using memes created by racists and which made their way to his desk in mysterious, disturbing ways. 

He visits his properties and golfs. 

The rare time staff can get him to actually work on something gets derailed by Trump’s incessant ego and casual obliviousness. 

His staff is now encouraged to bring up Trump and his election win as often as possible. 

They are told to not contradict him when he says something factually untrue

Sometimes he’ll leave Fox News running in the background while his staff tries to conduct business.

Even that was too much work, apparently. Now he needs 140 characters or less or his mind will wander to right-wing memes and personal attacks on his enemies. And he appears to be getting worse.

Author Jameson Parker covers US politics, social justice issues, and other current events which aren't getting the attention they deserve. Feel free to follow or drop me a line on twitter.