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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump declares "Made In America Week" except not for his stuff.

Hypocrisy On Parade As ‘Made In America Week’ Applies To Everyone But Trump

No automatic alt text available.The White House, hoping to deflect the attention away from all of the problems they are creating with health care, Russia, and immigration, announced “Theme Weeks.” This sounds like something my teachers used to do in elementary school.

CNN reported that White House spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferré told reporters the administration had dubbed the week starting Monday “Made in America” week. 

The week after would be “American Heroes Week,” followed by “American Dreams Week,” with the details of the latter remaining under wraps for now.

As MSNBC wrote this is the wrong president to tout ‘Made in America. This week includes everyone in the United States – except the Trumps, because they outsource their manufacturing of many products to overseas factories.

While Trump will be extolling the virtues of America first, he most probably will not talk about daughter Ivanka and her use of exploited labor in Indonesia and China where her clothing and shoes are made.

The Washington Post published an article about Ivanka and how out of one side of her mouth she talks about empowering women, while out of the other she uses exploited laborers (mostly women) from Bangladesh, China, and Indonesia.

Image may contain: meme and text“In Ethiopia, where manufacturers have boasted of paying workers a fifth of what they earn in Chinese factories, workers made thousands of pounds of Ivanka Trump-brand shoes in 2013, shipping data show Ivanka Trump products have imported into the United States more than 2,000 shipments since 2010 — and this illustrates how her business practices collide with some of the key principles she and her father have championed in the White House.”

Not to be outdone by his daughter, Trump’s National Golf Club caps are made in Bangladesh, and a Trump Tower hoodie is made in Pakistan.

Trump has also produced comforters, beds, dress shirts, and ties, all manufactured overseas. 

When pressed about it, he replied “They don’t make that stuff here.” Which is not exactly true. 

When Ferré was asked if the Trumps were planning on manufacturing more in the USA, they were told “We’ll get back to you on that.”