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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Are George Washington and Robert E. Lee the same?

Donald Trump seems to think so
Image result for death toll of US Civil War
There were more casualties in the Civil War than in all of America's other wars combined.
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George Washington was the nation's military commander in the Revolutionary War that freed what became the United States of America from Britain. Washington went on to become the first President of the United States.

Robert E. Lee was the leader of the Confederate Army in its illegal insurrection against that same United States of America.

Stonewall Jackson was one of Lee's most valued generals.

Robert E. Lee and the other leaders of the Confederacy were not tried, convicted and hung for treason only because Abraham Lincoln was determined to "bind the nation's wounds."

The American Civil War was started by the southern states comprising the Confederacy to preserve the institution of slavery.

1,685 Rhode Islanders died fighting the Confederacy.

And Donald Trump displays his ignorance once again to equate Lee and Washington, the Civil War and the War of Independence.