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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Local Narragansett leader declares solidarity with protesting Pokanoket members

By Bella Noka in Rhode Island’s Future

Image result for bella nokaEDITOR’S NOTE: Members of the Pokanoket Nation, a Native American community not federally recognized as a tribe, has claimed and occupied land in Bristol that was deeded to Brown University.

The audacity of Brown University to determine if the Pokanoket Nation is a tribe or not, based on a flawed system set up for failure by the Federal Government!

Brown University, a member of the Ivy League, is failing miserably by their students.

We need to open up Pandora’s Box, all the way, as a platform to discuss “OUR-Story” and no longer “His-story.”

His-tory that has been shared by the “Victor” and has been one sided.

It’s now time to hear the echoes of our ancestors, and those beautiful spirits that have been titled as slaves. It’s TIME!

As a Narragansett, I stand with the Pokanoket Tribal Nation against their recent attack from Brown University.

My stance on the land may differ with the Pokanoket, for there is only one tribe in Rhode Island and that is the Narragansett Tribal Nation.

Many tribes fell under the umbrella of the tribe for protection.