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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The real Donald Trump

Can there be any denying?
The real Donald Trump has stood up... again.

There will be no pivot. There never was going to be.

There will be no becoming presidential. There never was going to be.

There will be no humility. No decorum. No sense of justice or empathy. There never was going to be.

We are far past the time for excuses, for anyone.

In one of the most surreal and depressing presidential press conferences ever, Mr. Trump said what most people dreaded but already knew.

His blatant false equivalence between Nazis and those who oppose them that he said on Saturday, that's how he really feels - times a thousand.

With any other president this would be unbelievable. But with Mr. Trump it is all too believable.

It is clear that he doesn't consider himself to be the President of the United States of America - no matter what his official job title says. Down where he lives he is the president of his base, which includes a lot of bigots and even Nazis and members of the Klan.

Not everyone who voted for him is in this category, not nearly. But they make up a large majority of his personal base.

And thankfully for all of us, this is a distinct (but frightening) minority of our nation. 

The vast majority of Americans are decent people of conscience. And I believe in the end this vast majority will prevail.

The question is whether those who defend the President, or seeks to normalize him or change the subject, will be seen as worse than enablers. Will they be viewed by history as sympathizers to the worst instincts of American hatred?