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Sunday, August 27, 2017

You can’t have too many eagles, or gold

First photos of White House renovations

All the terrible pre-election jokes about Donald Trump turning the White House into the Gold House are coming to life before our eyes.

The Oval Office renovations that took place during President Trump’s “working” vacation at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort are nearing completion.

It appears that Trump has brought the same kind of obnoxiously gaudy and aggressively opulent aesthetic that he decorated his Trump Tower penthouse in.

And there's a whole lot more....

All gold everything, as the rappers would say. If you look closely, even the power outlets are being covered in gold.

Trump is also replacing the old wallpaper with a more Trumpian vibe. 

He complained that they were “very damaged” and Trump wants to bring back the “luster and the glory” of the White House.

The President’s fondness for tacky gold eagles speaks to his desire to emulate the fascist leaders of the past and how he sees his position not as the elected leader of a democratic society but as an authoritarian ruler.

The Presidential Big Mac Platter
As Adam Khan notes, there was another anti-Semitic ethnonationalist leader with a fondness for gold eagles…