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Monday, November 20, 2017

TOMORROW: Learn the Facts about the Invenergy project

Fellow opponents will host session in Charlestown to help prepare for upcoming hearing
By Will Collette

On December 5, the state Energy Facility Siting Board will hold an important public hearing at the Charlestown Elementary School related to the Invenergy fossil fuel plant proposed for Burrillville.

Charlestown has a direct self-interest in this project even though it is at the opposite end of the state because a Narragansett medicine man John Brown made a deal with Invenergy to sell water pumped from tribal land, but from the common aquifer we all share.

The actual amount of water needed has never been clear. It would be used as coolant at the Burrillville plant.

This water deal has exposed deep divisions within the Narragansett Tribe. A large and vocal faction, including several elected members of the Tribal Council denounce the deal as illegal because the question of who actually is in charge has not been resolved.

Other than Mr. Brown’s defense of his decision, there has been no public support for the project coming from inside the Tribe. In fact, the Tribal Council hired outside counsel to file for intervenor status in the case in opposition to the deal.

The facts are complicated and the politics are Byzantine. So this workshop comes at just the right time to help Charlestown residents figure out the best way to present the town’s opposition to the project.

In my opinion, it would be a very bad idea to make this another one of Charlestown’s infamous “us against them” issues with the Tribe. In fact, some of the strongest opposition to this water deal comes from prominent members of the Tribe.

Here is the advisory I received from Nature’s Trust Rhode Island which is presenting this program tomorrow (edited for clarity).

“Learn the Facts about the Invenergy project” comes to Charlestown on Tuesday November 21, 2017 starting at 7:00pm

Important presentation and discussion about the Invenergy project, Rhode Island’s energy future
and what it means to Charlestown’s (and Rhode Islands’s) water security.

Who: Paul A. Roselli, President of the Burrillville Land Trust- Presenter.
The event is sponsored by the Rhode Island Association of Conservation Commissions and the
Burrillville Land Trust.

What: “Learn the Facts about the Invenergy project” is a lively and objective fact based interactive visual presentation about the proposed power plant in northwestern Rhode Island.

Since November 2015, Roselli has given this presentation 41 times throughout Rhode Island, and nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts updating with new information for each presentation.

Topics include:
  • The amount of water needed for the power plant,
  • Ongoing litigation,
  • The role of ISO-NE,
  • The EFSB process,
  • How to prepare for the public hearing on December 5th in Charlestown, along with
  • How to read your electric bill.
Where: Cross Mills’ Public Library-4417 Old Post Rd, Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813

When: Tuesday, November 21st from 7-8:30.

Why: The Town of Charlestown was recently granted intervenor status through the Energy Facility Siting Board due, in part, to it’s listing as a secondary water source to cool and operate the power plant.

Note: The Charlestown based Narragansett Indian Tribe’s leadership signed on without the consultation or consent of the members of the tribe and this contract is in dispute.

Is the Invenergy project good for Charlestown? The Narragansett Indians? Rhode Island? Water security for a town with a single source aquifer? Climate change security?

Will this power plant lower your electric bill? How much water will they use?

There are thousands region-wide who oppose this 1-gigawatt fracked gas/oil fired power plant proposed for the middle of the woods in northwestern Rhode Island.

When a town along with 35 municipalities decide to say NO, why do RI government officials continue to give their support?

The event is open to the public.

Roselli and others are available before the presentation for comment.

This event is endorsed by Fossil Free Rhode Island #KeepItInTheGround

Contact: Robert Malin (401) 497-7419 Paul Roselli (401) 447-1560