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Saturday, August 18, 2018

There will be blood

How Putin Is Controlling His ‘Useful Idiot’ Trump and the Republican Party

Image result for trump russian agentThree days after the election, I said that the election was a Coup D’etat, and I am more certain than ever that that’s what it was. It was orchestrated by that genius Vladimir Putin.

To know the player, you have to know the man. 

Putin has been extremely upset since the fall of the Soviet Union. 

That is the slight America made against his nationalistic ethos. He’s been seething since the fall of the Berlin wall; and that filled him with the most terrible resolve.

Imagine if you can, how we would feel as a nation if communism had won and we had been as shattered as the former Soviet Union was. We might be a tad angry with Putin as well, along with their allies. Russia, of course, has no allies except other despotic regimes who only subjugate their people.

If we know anything about Putin, it is this: he wants to make Russia the power it once was, and he desperately wants to punish anyone he thinks destroyed the USSR.

His first test run was killing dissenters in Russia. The world answered, ‘oh well that’s just Russia doing Russian stuff’ which was akin to throwing Neville Chamberlain a big sloppy kiss.

Then he annexed Crimea. This violated international law and treaties we had with Ukraine. So the European Union and then-president Barack Obama imposed drastic sanctions which have wrecked Russia’s economy. New York has a bigger economy than a country that once spanned 11 time zones. 

Of course that knee-crawling thug didn’t like that.

His next operation was to kill a couple of journalists who criticized him by cooking them from the inside out with polonium. What would the world do about that? What could we do? The sanctions were as stringent as we could make them.

What we now know is that Russia was pumping money into the Brexit campaign which was whipped into a fervor by two useful idiots named Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. 

Naturally, the Tory government does not want to dig deeply into that lest they have to admit that this grievous self-inflicted wound was born somewhere deep inside the Kremlin, and they went right along with it.

The conservative/nationalists parties are more than willing to get into bed with Russia if it furthers their objective, as we saw in France with Marie Le Pen. Only those tactics didn’t fool the French.

So look at the board for a moment. Now close your eyes so you can see. Putin is well aware his most formidable enemy is the United States. How can he do the most harm to us? Those were the questions on his mind.

So here are his weapons. He has a presidential candidate who is in his pocket. He is unscrupulous, corrupt, cash poor, and stupid. He is the perfect useful idiot. Get him into office, and he might help lift the sanctions on a trillion dollars in oil revenues. All he has to do is beat Hillary.

From a historical perspective, whenever Democrats lose, going all the way back to Eugene McCarthy, a more liberal candidate divides the vote and Republicans win. 

Putin’s stroke of luck or genius was to realize that the old Soviets were wrong in trying to infiltrate the west through liberal groups and intellectuals. They failed for 50 years. 

The way to get inside the body politic in the US, was to get inside the Republican Party; and, my, how they welcomed the warmth of Putin’s embrace.

That whole ‘better dead than red’ ethos of the last half century of Republican philosophy was quickly washed away with Russian cash. They welcomed Russians with open arms because Putin’s awesome machine delivered them the president they wanted most – one that would sign anything they put in front of him.

So what other tools did Putin need to perform his American coup? He needed to divide the vote. He needed to control the flow of information. He needed to suppress the vote, Most of all, he needed to get his man in by any means necessary.

He had an intelligence operation using Facebook and Twitter. He had an army of bots stirring up discontent and getting everyone to fight. Can you imagine the amusement of Putin when Mark Zuckerberg told the world that there was no Russian influence when he knew for a fact there was? He must have thought, ‘what a sap!’ Personally, I will never forgive his egregious deception.

Then the moon and stars aligned just so; and, for the first time, the interests of Republican donors and Putin became one. Republicans wanted to break our government and so did Putin. So one of Putin’s henchmen began funneling $30 million through the NRA to give to Trump. 

If Trump ever tried to betray mother Russia, they had loads of kompromat. Whether it’s the treasonous meeting with GRU agents or financial control of Trump’s curiously secret finances, he is servile to Putin, and we all saw that in Helsinki.

Republicans don’t care about treason, they care about the people investigating their treason. Naturally, they will say and do anything to keep this knowledge from the American people, because they are ALL complicit and ALL guilty in abdicating their duty to oversee Trump.

There was nobody in Trump’s campaign who did not have something to do with Russians. If it was a big ‘nothing burger’ – like Junior has said time and time again – why have they lied about that meeting over and over and over again? 

Because the Trump base doesn’t care about treason, the survival of our republic or anything else other than making Democrats ‘butthurt.’ They’re wearing tee shirts that say they’d rather be Russian than be a Democrat.

Putin has successfully conditioned the minds of the Republican Party, which no longer believes in the foundational principle of a ‘loyal opposition.’ Before we can put together a formidable opposition, we must first know our enemy and recognize their methods to subvert this election. They are busy plying their evil trade right now. We aren’t going to get a do-over if Putin manages to install another crop of willing dupes come November.

Get woke. Get mad. Do whatever is necessary to get the divisive forces in our party in line. Oh so you think the DNC is corrupt do you? Glad you’re doing what the Kremlin would have every other useful idiot in this country do. “I vote the candidate and not the party.” So one party is locking up children in detention centers and has orphaned over 400 children on purpose, and you can’t see that one party is evil?

We are at war, and you’d best sober up to that fact before there is an outbreak of bloodshed, because it ALWAYS comes when rhetoric becomes as toxic as Trump’s. If you can’t see the forces aligned against us then you are doing your enemy a great service. Vote blue no matter who and, if at this point you’re not on board with that, then you’re a bloody fool.

Resist like your life depends on it because it does.

Thomas Clay is a disgruntled rake-hell full of piss and vinegar about this last election that he fully intends to unleash on the Goon Commander when he brings his gang of incorrigible reprobates into the White House.