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Saturday, May 4, 2019

It’s a matter of justice

We cannot allow Trump to defy the law
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Back in the day.... It's 1974 and Dan Rather stood up to Richard Nixon
We have long prided ourselves on being a nation of laws. And well we should.

“Equal Justice Under the Law,’’ “Every Person Is Entitled to a Presumption of innocence Until Proven Otherwise Beyond Reasonable Doubt,” and “No Person Is Above the Law” are deeply embedded in our national character.

Not that we do or can always, in every way, achieve these goals. But we should be ever striving to come as close as possible. In our system of justice, these must be our navigational stars.

Which brings us to this moment in our history, and to the president. Mr Trump routinely suggests--sometimes demands---lawlessness. 

Sworn to obey and enforce the law, he instead flouts it, without shame.

This is difficult to say, much less believe. There is no joy in having to do so. But true--fact--it is.

Example: the law clearly states, unequivocally, that if Congress, with its investigative powers, requests a tax return, the Treasury Department must provide it.

The President and his lawyers have ordered the Treasury Secretary not to do so.

Other examples include at least several of the anti-immigration orders Mr Trump has given, officially and unofficially.

On top of this is a long question of the legality of his business empire.

This is where we are. These are the depths to which we have descended.

It is not a political or ideological question over which decent-intending citizens can argue. It’s a matter of justice, of our Constitution, of our basic national identity.

Either we remain committed to being a nation under the rule of law or not.