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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't make any plans for Sunday

It's rainy, so the mood is right for uncomfortable subjects, like the End of the World. Tom and I may have mentioned this before, but we have it on reputable authority that the End of the World will happen at roughly 6 PM this Saturday, May 21st. Preacher Harold Camping, the owner of the Family Radio Network has carefully calculated the date based on some really interesting numbers that he says he multiplied together to work out the date. Camping is spending a lot of the $120 million in assets his radio network has generated to get the word out.

And right on cue, we had an earthquake right near us at 8:39 PM, Sunday, almost exactly one week before Camping's prediction. That earthquake was detected about 12 miles southwest of Woods Hole and 14 miles west of Vineyard Haven. It registered 2.1 in magnitude, which probably raised a tsunami of about 1.5 inches at Blue Shutters Beach. I think that means something.    

Camping is 89 and I think he is ready to go. But I wonder what will happen with Camping's followers if they wake up Sunday morning and they're all still here. Most of them have sold all their possessions to prepare for the end. Some of them are going to be pretty pissed, although some might be relieved. As for me, I'm gonna just sing along:

Author: Will Collette