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Friday, May 20, 2011

Final Countdown

Well, there's less than 24 hours to go when we'll all find out who's saved and who's totally screwed.

Harold Camping's end of the world prediction certainly has the whole world buzzing. We'll have to do this more often. We'll get our next shoot when the Comet Elenin approaches the earth this fall (closest around September 10), and with it, more prophecies of doom.

I keep checking the Progressive Charlestown Doomsday Countdown Clock to see how much time is left. But in between, I have sampled all the wonderful new websites this moment of in history has brought.

There's even a website for how to prepare your pet for Rapture hour.

Then there's all the great end of the world music. Besides R.E.M.'s great "It's the End of the World," you can find other apocalyptical classics here. But here is one of my all-time favorites: