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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Four things to do while waiting for the end of the world

As I prepare this post, we have almost exactly three days left until the world comes to an end, if preacher Harold Camping prediction is correct. [See countdown clock in the right-hand column.] Here are some suggestions on ways to fill your remaining hours:

1.       Visit hundreds of strange places around the world that you will probably never see (even if you’re still around after Saturday).  

2.       Figure out, finally and scientifically, what political classification your beliefs earn you by taking the very cool Pew Research Center’s questionnaire.

3.       Find out exactly how annoying you are. Again using a scientifically designed survey of 20 questions, NPR helps you measure three things about yourself – how picky, arrogant and irritating are you. And then, since it’s NPR, they explain it all.

4.       Buy federal surplus property in Charlestown. The federal government is trying to unload buildings, land and facilities it no longer wants and needs. There are 11 listings for Rhode Island and most of them are in Charlestown. Post-date the check to May 22nd.

And of course, give your worldly possessions to the CDTC for its Not the End of the World Tag Sale,” May 28. Donate before May 21st (it’ll do your soul good) and, if we’re all not dead, we’ll sell you back your stuff one week later.

By: Will Collette