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Monday, May 30, 2011

Get some BBQ in Shannock!

After cleaning up some family graves this morning we were taking the scenic route back through Shannock Village while musing about what to do about lunch. Then, just east of the post office, we saw a sign at the edge of the road announcing Kit Kat's Smoked BBQ.

We love Bar-B-Q (aka Barbeque or BBQ) but my first thought is that it's a leap of faith to start a BBQ business in South County. But the great taste of our lunch there is lingering with me as I write this and I plan to return. I hope you give it a try too.

Tracie and Hilbert Gibbs are a charming couple working hard to make a success of their catering business. They have six years of experience doing this but they're just bringing it to Southern RI. When they're not off catering they'll be serving Thursday through Sunday, 11 am until 8 pm, from the side of the street by their house at 200 Shannock Village Road.

This is your typical roadside BBQ operation so don't expect candles and cloth tablecloths. BBQ is meant to be eaten in a rustic environment. It's exceptional that they have a canopy over the picnic table. Many people will get their BBQ as takeout. They have special prices on takeout packs of meat, sides and 4 drinks.

We both had the pulled pork sandwiches (with 2 sides, cornbread and a soft drink for only 7 bucks each). They were really, really great. They also have ribs, chicken and beef brisket.

They make the type of BBQ that is slow-cooked and stresses the smoking and they top it off with a choice of two secret sauces that are both wonderful. The side dishes were just what you would expect with BBQ - between us we had potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans. The corn bread was unique and very tasty, almost like a dessert bread.

While we were there they were getting a steady stream of traffic. We saw Amy Weinreich and her husband. Perhaps they will add their impressions in a comment.

Now people living south of Route 1 don't have to pack a lunch when they make the long trip up to visit Horseshoe Falls! Give it a try; I think you'll agree that it's a good choice. Their website is here. Think of them if you have an event needing catering.

Author: Tom Ferrio