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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

State Democrats reorganize

Last night, Cathy and I trekked north of the Tower for a meeting of the RI Democratic Party State Committee. Cathy and I were elected in 2010 to serve four-year terms as state committee delegates for House District 36.

The first order of business was the re-election of state officers and executive board members. We were pleased to vote for Party Chair Edwin Pacheco for a second term. After William Lynch resigned the position in 2010 to run in the primary for Congress, First District, Ed stepped into the position, foregoing his plans to run for re-election as state representative from Burrillville, to organize the party for the difficult 2010 election.

Dem State Chair Ed Pacheco
He brought on sharp, young staffers with skills at organizing and modern communications to increase the Party's effectiveness. Those efforts paid off last November. And since then, Ed and his staff continue to improve and expand the party's communications and services. It was great to have Ed visit the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee at our April 18th meeting.

We also voted to adopt new Party bylaws that attempt the impossible: to streamline the State Committee while greatly expanding its size. The new committee will have 83 added member slots, bringing the total to 243 members, but offsetting the size change, the new bylaws eliminate significant overlaps.

So, you're asking yourself, who cares? Do parties matter? Aren't they all the same? Fortunately, the Republican Party has been very helpful this past year in defining the differences. Just think Medicare and Social Security. Tax breaks for the rich. Subsidies for Big Oil. Basic services for the elderly, children and the disabled. Thank you, Tea Party, for making the differences stark and clear.

This meeting was held at the Roger Williams Park Casino, a wonderful example of historic preservation and one of my favorite buildings. Built in 1896 ion the Colonial Revivial style, it's a popular venue for meetings and events in the metro area. For example, it's the site for the RI Labor History Society annual meeting every summer. It's just the kind of casino we need in Charlestown!

Author: Will Collette