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Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Know Summer is Coming...

No, I'm not going to talk about the car license plates, though I saw one from New Jersey last night.

This post is to announce that The Hitching Post is open! 

(Reviews here and here.)

We went there last night and we could tell we were one of the first because we had to remove the seal from the ketchup bottle. There was a nice crowd of cars for the chilly weather. We thought the dining room would be full but there was plenty of room. On the way out we saw that some people were eating in their cars. Of course when the weather warms up the garden dining area will be busy.

Of course we started with the clam fritters (don't yell at us, we call them clam cakes but the menu says clam fritters). I followed that with the fried scallop dinner, the small bay scallops and I love them with cocktail sauce. My research assistant was with me and she had their famous lobster roll (photo here). After much research she has declared this to be the best lobster roll in existence: big chunks of lobster piled high on some lettuce in a typical New England hot dog bun. None of that lobster salad stuff at this place!

The food was great and the family members owning and running it were cheerfully chatting with their old friends.

This is good, fresh, individually-prepared food piled high so don't come expecting McDonald's prices. If you want a lobster salad roll with more mayo and celery than the shredded lobster at a cheap price, look elsewhere.

If you're not already a regular, check it out. If you are a regular then you know it's a rite of the season. At 5402 Post Road at Wildflower Lane. If you're going west take the turn-around exit at Wildflower Lane. Bring plenty of cash, they do not take credit cards or checks.

Tom says "enjoy!"