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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bad air day for South County on Sunday

Our pleasant pastoral setting is no protection from the consequences of modern industrial life. Weather conditions are such that the National Weather Service and the RI Department of Environmental Management have issued an air quality alert for all of South County and the nearby Connecticut coast line.

Ground level ozone levels will approach and possibly exceed the Unhealthy level and pose a danger to people with respiratory problems. High temperatures, humidity and air pollutants will create a nasty stew in our air.

DEM recommends staying out of the bad air during the afternoon and early evening when levels are highest. You should also try to curtail driving (unless you have an electric car) and using gas-powered stuff like lawn mowers. Also recommended: don't use a charcoal barbeque or, if you do, don't use charcoal lighter fluid.

As I noted earlier today, you won't be able to get any relief from a "Coal Cares" asthma inhaler.

And whatever you do, don't even think about replacing an internal combustion-driven appliance with one that is powered by wind energy.

Charlestown prohibits the use of "any device that converts wind into electricity."

And if and when Charlestown lifts its blanket moratorium, small wind energy devices under 15 KW will require a special use permit.

So you better hide that turbine-powered hedge trimmer or electric grill under a tarp in the garage before somebody from CCA comes over and makes a citizen's arrest.