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Friday, July 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Complaint filed against town councilor Lisa DiBello

Parks and Recreation Director Jay Primiano has filed a complaint with the Town Council against Council member (and former Parks and Recreation Director) Lisa DiBello)

This complaint is included in the Town Administrator’s report to the Town Council for consideration at their upcoming Town Council meeting on Monday, July 11.

Bring popcorn.

Last month’s Town Council meeting provided a bit of a preview of issues with DiBello, town staff and her activities at town beaches. I detailed the fights involving DiBello, Council President Tom Gentz and DiBello’s arch nemesis on the Council, Gregg Avedesian.

Councilors traded shots, often citing reports they received from anonymous tipsters about each other’s questionable conduct.

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Town Administrator William DiLibero – who also is not on DiBello’s Christmas card list – introduces Primiano’s complaint with his own memo, stating that “Councilwoman DiBello was interfering with the activities of the Beach staff.”

He also notes that “in question is whether Ms. DiBello is working for Deborah Dillilio at the beach concessions. If not, should she be using the parking space reserved for the Concessionaire?” Note: the correct spelling is Dellolio.

DiLibero starts his three-week course at Harvard’s JFK School of Government on Monday, so he is not expected to attend the Council meeting.

Primiano’s complaint adds detail about DiBello’s conduct at the beach. He charges that DiBello “has repeatedly harassed my department members, seeking to undermine me.”

At last month’s Council meeting, Council President Gentz led the Council in a rancorous discussion about Council policy of only approaching town staff through the Town Administrator. Early into that discussion, it was clear this was directed at DiBello.

Gentz asked whether Council members still accepted and were willing to abide by the policy. After some charges and counter-charges – and reports from anonymous sources cited by both DiBello and Avedisian – the Council members settled down and agreed to the policy.

Primiano’s complaint cites events that occurred since that public pledge by DiBello to abide by the policy.

But more serious is the charge that DiBello is working for a town concessionaire. If true, this would represent a conflict of interest.

And if true, that’s yet another choice DiBello must make, in addition to the one where she should decide whether to serve or sue the town.

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Author: Will Collette