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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CSI Charlestown - CCA Decoder Ring

I read yesterday's article where Will explained what he found out about changes in CCA leadership and I was having a hard time following it.
I started drawing lines and boxes and then I redrew it into a table I could share with you.

Will used information at four points in time.

  • The Board of Elections filing CCA made in September 2010.
  • On June 13, 2011 CCA sent out an email saying that they pick new officers each spring. The email did not list the new officers, testing the initiative of the reader to find the information, but the Steering Committee page on the CCA website listed those officers and there were changes from the previous list at the Board of Elections. We have not found a notice to the Board of Elections with the list of officers shown that day.
  • CCA sent a Notice of Organization to the Board of Elections on July 7, 2011.That Notice does not include the Vice President and Secretary listed on their website in June after it showed the new President and Treasurer.
  • Yesterday the CCA website stated that they have four officers but only listed two.
  • Today the word four has been removed so I guess that was a change missed when they removed two officer positions.
So here is that information shown in a handy table form that you can print, cut out and save in your wallet.

October 2010June 13, 2011July 7, 2011CCA Website Now
PresidentKallie JurgensBernice KrantzBernice KrantzBernice Krantz
Vice-Pres.Dr. Milton KrantzDr. Milton Krantz<none><none>
SecretaryThomas GentzThomas Gentz<none><none>
TreasurerJohn JurgensLeo MainelliLeo MainelliLeo Mainelli

Since we saw Mr. Gentz in the Council chambers after the July filing I am no longer worried about his well-being. Will, you can cancel the order for the Lost Council President posters. He is shown as a CCA Steering Committee member (though I have an odd feeling I did not see him in that list yesterday), as is Dr. Krantz, and that is what really matters for decision-making in CCA anyway, so they say.

It just seems unusual that CCA trumpeted changes on June 13 but those changes were so very temporary and further changes were done quietly. And one of the people affected is the Town Council President.

But if you are interested in the position of Vice President or Secretary of CCA you might call them up email them. They may be looking for candidates.

And this was fun exercise in working through the famed transparency. I also now know how to make HTML tables.

Author: Tom Ferrio (not Will)