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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More coverage of green energy in Charlestown

Oysterworks has sent out notice that the showcase new Charlestown Wine & Spirits was featured on "Renewable Now," a business program by the Arpin Broadcast Network, on the business side of "green" construction and building practices.

Our local liquor store new facilities feature a concentrated collection of remarkable alternative energy generation and energy conservation measures.

It's no wonder that this new retail outlet is drawing media attention and serious study.

When I got the full tour of the store, one of the most impressive features was the geothermal energy generation system. Located in the basement, the system draws energy from deep within the earth and eliminates the need for an oil or propane furnace.

The geothermal system
The high-tech conservation systems all throughout the building drastically reduce electrical consumption. Add low-tech approaches like really good, very extensive insulation and the use of natural, local materials installed by local craftspeople and laborers, and there's the total package.

Of course it costs more money up front to do a project like this, but the time to recoup those costs decreases everytime the cost of conventional fuels goes up. Add tax credits and rebates and the use of this green approach becomes more realistic for average small businesses and homeowners.

There is a clear advantage, though, to planning such energy efficient measures into the design of a new building.

To see the newest video on the Charlestown liquor store, click here.

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