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Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEW on Progressive Charlestown

Will and I started Progressive Charlestown with the idea of being a voice for Progressive political views and their application in local government here. We had met as members of the Democratic Town Committee and wanted a venue where we could speak as individuals and engage the community.

We quickly saw that there was an opportunity to make Progressive Charlestown a broader resource for all things going on in Charlestown, Rhode Island. We have plans, more plans than time, to bring additional information and tools to people in our town - both full-time residents and visitors.

Keeping Up

We cater to the different ways people keep up-to-date with news on the Internet, through several sign-up options in the right sidebar of our web site.
  • Facebook is the most popular way that people keep up with Progressive Charlestown. By clicking Like you will receive notices of new articles on your Facebook page every day or so.
Progressive Charlestown in Facebook
  • Email is another popular option. Signing up for our email will give you a summary of new articles in Progressive Charlestown each night.
  • Many people subscribe to our Feed, using a  feedreader like the feed gadget in iGoogle.
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  • Twitter notification is our latest option. Twitter users can sign up to follow our Twitter feed and receive a notice as each article is published.

Editorial Content
Sure, we're known for edgy articles that reflect the author's individual views about the activities and people in our town government. But you have also seen us rolling out more public interest articles such as talk about restaurants, other businesses, eco-friendly living, and our popular weekly Things To Do series.

We now have content sharing agreements with the South Kingstown  and Articles from South Kingstown Patch will give us some broader South County content and some of our authors are contributing content there also.

We share a lot of values with the folks at You have seen us publish some articles from them and we will continue to choose ones which stimulate discussion.

We value the discussion that we get through comments and private email, and we are not looking for simple agreement. Heck, the authors here have a lot of disagreements.

We are now "tightening up" how articles are displayed on the Home page so it's easier to see less recent ones. Click Here to Read More will be used on almost every article on the Home page.

The sidebar, on the right, contains several features to help you find interesting content:

  • Editors' Picks are selections that the editors want to bring to your attention.
  • Recent Articles lists our posts as they are published.
  • Hot Topics indexes articles on selected Topics of current interest. Our complete list of Topics can be seen by clicking on Topic List in the top menu.
  • Recent Comments, further down the sidebar, shows you which articles are having an ongoing conversation.
  • Popular Articles shows you the articles that people have been reading the most in the last week.

We thank our readers for visiting Progressive Charlestown and, especially, for participating in the conversation. As always, we're glad to hear your news tips, gossip, suggestions and complaints at

Author: Tom Ferrio