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Monday, August 15, 2011

CCA puts out welcome mat for non-residents

This morning, the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) sent out an e-mail to its vast and nameless masses pointedly inviting non-residents to attend tonight's "Citizens Forum" at Town Hall..

This Citizens Forum concept is a special favorite of Town Council Vice-President Dan Slattery who served as CCA President during the CCA's dalliance with the idea of voting rights for non-resident property owners.

He heartily supported ex-state Rep. Matt McHugh, who was endorsed by the CCA on Slattery's watch to run against State Representative Donna Walsh.

McHugh had few distinctions during his time in the General Assembly other than being the RI Statewide Coalition's go-to guy in their perennial quest for non-resident voting rights.

McHugh spoke of his continuing support for giving the vote to absentee landowners when he accepted the CCA endorsement.

Could this conspicuous gesture toward our summer visitors be a harbinger of a new CCA push for the disenfranchised wealthy?

As Town Council spectators observe, Dan Slattery puts a tremendous amount of stock in what gets said at these Citizen Forums.

So if the Shady Harbor-East Beach Road summer crowd turns out tonight, expect that Dan will see their needs as his new mandate.