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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mageau fires off another volley

Calls Collette "Willie the wing nut"....quintessential bottom feeder:,,,,"union go-for"....."hypocrite"...."taker"...."wolf in sheep's clothing...."radical left-wing ideologue"

To the Editor (from Jim Mageau):

It's apparent to me that the so-called Charlestown Democratic Town Committee members do not understand that when you lay down with dogs you're liable to get fleas. That seems to be the case with its association with Will Collette, aka "Willie the wing nut" and his blog, progressive It's obvious to me that "the wing nut" is the quintessential bottom feeder of Charlestown who learned his trade as a labor union "go-for" spreading misinformation and lies. He has boasted that he is a retired "union official" but his support for Charlestown's Town Administrator, William DiLibero during the on-going harassment complaints lodged against him by certain town employees raises issues about his union loyalty and discloses that he is a hypocrite. Both Collette and his wife Kathy, who is Chairman of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee, collect their retirement pensions from the unions. Those pensions are funded by the annual dues paid by current union members which suggest that the Collettes rank among the "takers" who have given labor unions such a bad name. It shows that they subscribe to the old adage "hooray for me and to hell with you."

He posts misinformation and lies on his blog criticizing others and me for exercising our constitutional rights to seek a legal remedy in court for a constitutional violation or a personal grievance. And even when the complaint is upheld he lies and says that it wasn't. He obviously chooses to ignore the "Checks and Balances" of government when he thinks its to his advantage. For the last several months he has been attempting to raise an issue involving a member of the town council for allegedly violating the state's ethics laws back in 2005. If that's the case, it happened when two members of the democratic town committee, Deborah Carney and Donna Walsh served on the town council as its president and vice president respectively. They are the ones who voted to approve the issue involved. Now, instead of asking them about it or filing a complaint with the Ethics Commission he shows what a political coward he is by choosing instead to spread lies about the person. He attacks people, (including me),  who lease or rent their homes, with charges that they should not be involved in government because they do not pay property taxes. I said in an earlier "Letter to the Editor" that there's not a dimes worth the difference between the CCA and the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee and this proves it. That is because the CCA said exactly the same thing in 2006. Notwithstanding the fact that renters do pay taxes which are amortized into the annual lease payments, the "poll tax" was declared unconstitutional and abolished over 70 years ago. Willie "the wing nut's" position on this issue clearly shows that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing and that he doesn't give a hoot about democracy. It's clear to me that he is and has always been a radical left wing ideologue who will resort to anything or go to any level in order to attract a following, even if it means slithering along feeding off the bottom telling lies. I think that it was the Russian Communist dictator Lenin who said, "If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth".

James M. Mageau
Charlestown, R.I. 02813