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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Stall Brook parent speaks out

Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, Massachusetts: hotbed of
liberalism and political correctness run amok—or is it?
Controversies over religion in public schools are sprouting like mushrooms these days. For several months, we reported here at Progressive Charlestown about the successful lawsuit to remove the prayer banner from the auditorium of Cranston High School West. Now a controversy has erupted over "political correctness run amok" at Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, Massachusetts, just over the RI border. 

To find out the real story behind the national media feeding frenzy, read:

"God Bless Stall Brook. To hell with Rush Limbaugh" (follow link to read the full text)

(Disclosure: The author is my brother and the father of my niece, who is a fourth-grade student at Stall Brook.)


  1. Time to get rid of the National Anthem as well then...since the fourth verse is obviously exclusionary.
    If you do not believe in God, then how can saying that something that does not exist blesses America be offensive? Are you offended by the Great Pumpkin and the Peter Cottontail as well?
    Simply another attempt by radicals to profit from media exposure....

  2. Interesting. There must be something in the air. Sounds a wee bit like the gal in Cranston who has issues with God.

    Both of these are tame compared to what's happening at Pilgrim High school. Student posted a mural. Part of it showed a "typical" American family, Husband, wife and kids. Wedding rings and smiles.

    Officials have covered that part up and asked her to paint something else over it because a "happy", "normal" family might be offensive to others. PLEASE, give me a break.

    Here's a link to some of the press. Enjoy.

    1. If either Davespop or Anonymous had actually read my brother's story, they'd know that the "radical" who was "profiting from media exposure" was the parent who went running to Rabid Fox News with her false tale of "censorship" of god when in fact the purpose of the school assembly was to demonstrate the students' knowledge of the 50 states and the teachers altered the song to reflect that theme, and for no other reason.

      As for what may or may not being going on at Pilgrim, one thing I discovered when I started talking to the folks who were directly involved in the Cranston West prayer banner issue is that much of the media hoopla was misleading or downright false. So I have no reason to trust whatever WPRO might have to say about what's going on at Pilgrim.

  3. If Linda Felaco had read MY post she would have noticed that it was commenting that there is a lot of madness going on. Conservative or Liberal (Progressive). When the press picks up on it it goes bonkers. The Pilgrim thing is just another example and IMHO the most nuts yet. Political correctness is getting to be a bit much.

    1. The "madness" going on is largely media concocted, as amply demonstrated by the Stall Brook case. Which is why I will not comment on what is or isn't going on at Pilgrim without knowing anyone there who could tell me about it firsthand. That, IMO, is the only way to stop the madness.

  4. The teachers in Stall Brook should have realized that changing the lyrics of a copyrighted song is illegal according to copyright law without getting permission from the original author. So that was their first mistake. Changing the song would have been much smarter.

    I definitely do believe that the media in general loves controversy. It is much easier to sell controversy than good news. The parent who alerted the media really should be ashamed of herself and whoever leaked the emails should also be ashamed of themselves. What was purely a local issue has become a fund raiser for political organizations, another reason for Rush Limbaugh to pontificate on something he knows little about, and a traumatic event for the kids at Stall Brook who have gotten an unfortunate lesson in the way the world works.

    And yes, I am a progressive (oh dear!) but, as some people here may know, I'm also a Christian (oh dear!) who doesn't believe that the U.S. is solely a Christian nation and entitled to run roughshod over the rights of non-Christians and atheists. If that makes someone angry, so be it.

    And I sign my posts with my name

    1. Hindsight being of course 20/20, the teachers should have chosen a different song, yes. That's also what many of the parents felt. Still, I think the worst the teachers can be accused of is political naivete.

      As for this idea that song lyrics are somehow inviolate, I find it a tad silly given that some of our most treasured American anthems are set to the music of other songs (chiefly British), including our national anthem and "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," which is set to the music of "God Save the Queen," so there you're not only violating the separation of church and state but democracy itself.


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