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Saturday, April 21, 2012

That's a LOT of Mr. Potato Heads

RI CEO Paywatch

The AFL-CIO released its annual Executive Paywatch website for 2011yesterday and it shows that the average CEO in American makes 380 times what the average worker earns. In 1980, the ratio was a much more reasonable 42 times as much. Similarly, it also shows that in 2009 – 2010, the average income of the richest 1 percent pay increased 11.6 percent while the 99 percent pay increased by only .2 percent.
The site also lists some CEO salaries by state.

Here’s their list for Rhode Island:
·                          Brian Goldner, Hasbro: $23,153,471 (2010)
·                          Larry J. Merlo, CVS: $14,074,790 (2011)
·                          Scott C. Donnelly, Textron: $11,519,177 (2011)
·                          Vincent L. Sadusky, Lin TV: $5,490,264 (2010)
·                          David G. Whalen, A.T. Cross: $2,613,365 (2010)
·                          Merrill W. Sherman, BankRI: $1,580,849 (2010)
·                          Martin A. Kits Van Heyningen, KVH Industries: $1,373,559 (2010)
·                          Joseph J. MarcAurele, Washington Trust: $1,098,788 (2011)

Goldner, of Hasbro, is the only Rhode Island CEO to make the list of top 100 CEO earners. He’s number 52 on the list, just ahead of the CEO’s of Verizon, American Express and Boeing.