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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Deadline for party switchers

Wednesday Deadline if you want to change your voter registration for the September primary
By Will Collette

If you are a registered Republican but want to vote in the Democratic primary in September, or vice versa, tomorrow, Wednesday is the deadline for you to switch your party affiliation.

At present, neither Rep. Jim Langevin nor Senator Sheldon Whitehouse face a serious opponent in the primary, but there may be some primary activity on the Republican side, especially for the Second District Republican nominee.

I haven’t seen signs of primary contestants in many local races (state Representative or Senator or the Charlestown Town Council), but the deadline for candidate declarations is not until June 27.

To change your voter registration – or if (shame on you) you’re not registered to vote – get yourself down to Charlestown Town Hall and talk to our Town Clerk Amy Rose Weinreich.

NOTE: at the June 11 Town Council meeting, the Council adopted a resolution to require voters to show voter ID when they vote on local ballot questions (such as our recent June 4 vote on the Town budget). Under Rhode Island’s unnecessary and stupid Voter ID law, local elections were not covered.

I am hoping that the Voter ID law, which is generally a cause for conservatives who want to suppress the votes of low-income, elderly or minority voters, get bit in the ass by it. In south coastal Rhode Island, our town voter registration numbers tend to exceed the actual number of people eligible to vote, often by large margins.

The over-the-top numbers in Westerly, Block Island, Jamestown and Little Compton are often attributed to non-resident property owners who think owning a vacation home entitles them to a vote.

I want to be standing behind one of these jackasses when they crack out their Connecticut driver’s license at the polls.