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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New “sensibly green” design info available

Oyster Works revamps website
By Will Collette

[From OW's website]: Damara Sisti, Megan Moynihan, Andrew Baer
Charlestown’s premier “green” architects and designers, Megan Moynihan and Andrew Baer of Oyster Works, have re-vamped their website. Click here to see the new site.

I liked their old site mainly because I like their style a lot. But this new site has a lot of important new features, including manuals and guidebooks that provide some great ideas for either a major “green” re-modeling job or new construction.

Here’s a menu of the new E-books you can download from the new Oyster Works site:

Our approach to residential architecture - from houses to small renovations projects.

A look at how we design commercial buildings - retail stores, schools and camps, animal shelters, multi-family and affordable housing, and offices.

Integrated Project Management creates a single point of contact for the entire project.

An Oyster Works' review and evaluation of siding for coastal climates.

Many people are eager to be environmentally conscious when building or renovating, but are unsure about what steps to take. Learn what it means to be Sensibly Green.

And do make sure to check in on the beautiful blog, 33 Bridges, done by Megan and Oyster Works colleague Damara Sisti. It’s one of our favorite blogs in general, and is, far and away, our favorite “other” Charlestown blog.