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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Help support great local environmental reporting

Become an EcoRI sustainer
By Will Collette

There’s only one steady and reliable news source on environmental issues in Rhode Island, and that’s EcoRI. We use their work all the time, with their permission. There's no way we could replace them as a source of  timely reporting on the broad range of environmental topics they cover. Plus, I love their locavore recipes.

They need our help. They're a non-profit organization with a staff of professional reporters who, ahem, would like to get paid once and a while.

They are launching their annual fund-raising drive and are especially keen on recruiting “sustainers” – people who commit to a regular monthly donation to help them continue to bring us all their valuable service. 

Consider it like a subscription. And it's also tax-deductible.

NOTE: you can donate through their website using PayPal. This is convenient for some, but I personally prefer using my bank’s FREE electronic bill payment system. This also saves EcoRI the fees that PayPal charges them to process payments.

Here’s EcoRI’s message about their fund-raising campaign:

We're a news organization, so we won't mince words. This year is a critical one for us. If we don't recruit more readers to become sustaining members, ecoRI News may not be around next year.
On this site, you can get information for free, but it takes money to cover the news.
It costs:
  • ·         $30 per month to host our website
  • ·         $75 per month to manage our weekly e-newsletter
  • ·         up to $100 per story to pay a freelance writer
  • ·         up to $1,000 per month to pay our full-time staffers (who deserve more than that)

We don't have any angel investors; and we receive no grants to cover general operating expenses. And so, dear readers, we look to you. If all of you give a little, it will make a big difference.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is offering a generous challenge match of $1,000 if we get 50 or more sustaining members to sign up during this month-long fundraising drive.
By becoming a sustaining member, you:
  • ·         Ensure we have a reliable source of revenue throughout the year; and you
  • ·         Show potential grantors that our services are important to and valued by a large group of individuals.
To become a sustainer, please click HERE and choose the amount of your tax-deductible monthly donation.
Thank you for your support.

Those who sign on to give $25 a month or more will receive an ecoRI News T-shirt or glass.
Don't want to donate online? You can send a check to ecoRI Inc., 111 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906