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Thursday, October 31, 2013

VIDEO Halloween Special: The Lizard People from Agenda 21 are coming to take your guns and make you gay on orders from Nazi, Muslim Anti-Christ Obama

Scary stories - top 10 used by the right wing to scare their base.
Scary stories aren’t just for Halloween. Here are the top 10 tales –
and videos – the right wing promotes to strike fear in their
base all year long. GOP House of Horrors meme 

from Politics with Jarred and Dave‘s Facebook page.
Scary stories aren't just for Halloween. From lizard people to mind control, FEMA camps to Sharia law, the right wing uses fear tactics on a daily basis, as a way to keep their base in line.

Once people start accepting these ideas as real, Fox, Rush, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Alex Jones and other right wing conspiracy pushers are simply there to update the plot lines, explaining how the daily news fits into the “bigger picture.”

Fear is a great motivator. If you can control a group of people with fear, not only can you motivate them to vote against their own best interests, you can regularly encourage them to do things that would normally be against their better judgment. 

For those of us on the outside of the bubble looking in, we realize that the fact that people get sucked into these conspiracy theories, is the scariest part of these scary stories.

For this piece, I took the liberty of assembling some of what I consider to be the scarier of the right-wing horror flicks. Additionally, I've given each one a “scary stories” rating, based on factors like special effects, plot, dialogue and use of background music. This list is by no means comprehensive.

You can find hundreds of other options for your own right-wing scary story collection, fluoridated drinking water, childhood vaccinations, United Nations peace treaties, brainwashing public schools etc… There’s really no limit to the amount of scary stuff that conservatives put out there. I decided to select only those scary stories which have made it to made it to right-wing house of horrors, otherwise known as YouTube.

EDITOR's NOTE: if you have any trouble watching these videos directly from this Progressive Charlestown article, either follow the links to see it on YouTube, or just go to YouTube. These videos are all pretty amazing - funny to most, scary if you buy into them.

Scary stories #1. FEMA death camps.

Do you remember the first time you saw the FEMA camp videos on YouTube? I do. I was alone in my room. It was way after dark and I was almost as scared as I was when I first watched ‘Insidious’. Of all the scary stories the right likes to tell its base, this one is probably the most popular. The plot is somewhat believable, unless you happen to have lived or worked in one of the many “FEMA” camp zones that supposedly either already exist or are being built all across the country.

Scary Stories Rating = 4

Best terrifying FEMA camp video for Halloween:

In case you’re scared: FEMA camp myths debunked, click here

Scary stories #2. Sharia law in America.

By now you know that Muslims are working all across the country to institute Sharia law in America. You know that women will have to wear hijabs and Christians will be forced to practice Islam and thousands of people are soon to be beheaded in the town square. They’re ALREADY doing it in Michigan. (Politifact fact check that element of this scary story here.) 

While the producer of the film gets kudos for the use of “creepy” background music, edited photos, emotionless computerized voice effects and spooky red text, I have to give this one a lower rating than the FEMA camp collection. As I mentioned earlier, it’s easier to scare people with the unfamiliar then the familiar. 

Living in Michigan, having friends who live in Dearborn and also being able to read Politifact, the scary stories of Sharia law are kind of a dud for me. Plus, the plot twist that ends up at ”Obama is a Muslim,” doesn't make any sense. If Obama were a Muslim wouldn't his wife and 2  daughters have to wear hijabs? I do have conservative friends who are terrified of Sharia law, however. So for that reason, I figured I’d include this one.

Scary Stories Rating = 2

Scariest Sharia Law video for Halloween:

A more accurate and realistic picture of Sharia law can be found in this article by the Nation.

Scary stories #3. Lizard people are running the government.

Lizard people are running the government. Really they are! David Icke uses a mixture of scary music and edited photos and video to prove it. He tells a tale that embraces many other conspiracies along the way, secret societies and the Illuminati, both important elements in many right-wing scary stories. 

For added depth, he uses black and white drawings, Disney movies and sci-fi television footage, sprinkled throughout the video at various points, to give it that “realistic feel.”

[The video is restricted and apparently can't be embedded in our website. Must be the Reptillians that did it. Watch it on YouTube by clicking here. It's really good.]

Scary Stories Rating = 3

Shape-shifting reporter clip debunked here.

Scary stories #4. Obama’s death panels.

Dun-Dun-Dun… Death panels are terrifying! Remember that scene where Sarah Palin says “Obama wants to kill my baby!” This one includes the familiar “Obama admitted death panels exist,” and the infamous “Obama wants to kill grandma,” for additional thrills and chills. Creepy music. Neatly typed text. 

Bonus points for editing. This scary story gets a higher score, but the ending is a little over the top.

Scary Stories Rating = 4

Best death panels video for Halloween:

Death Panels earned the prestigious title of “Politifact Lie of the Year” in 2009

Scary stories #5: Obama is the anti-Christ.

Get your guns. Start a petition. Demand that Obama turn himself over to the proper militia leader. Good background music. Red text helps build suspense and drama. The plot of this one is a bit confusing, however. According to the video the anti-Christ was given power to reign for 42 months.

One presidential term is 48 months and 2 terms is 96 months, so as often happens, conservative math screws everything up for me. Another problem I have with the story line is that the video ends with a thing about how there will be death and bloodshed and stuff. It then goes on to say that “you Godless Americans” who voted for Obama “brought this on yourself.” 

I also had trouble with this part of the plot. It seems to imply that people voting for Obama is what caused him to be the anti-Christ. That led me to wonder, if people had not voted for Obama would he not be the anti-Christ? For those reasons I had to downgrade this video’s overall scary story score.

Scary Stories Rating = 3

Here’s a link to the Bible, if you really feel the need to debunk this.

Scary Story #6 Obama is a Nazi.

This is the musical version. Just like every other producer of cult horror flicks, the maker of this film clearly spent no time worrying about who might be harmed in the making of his film. The point of a good scary story is to draw in the viewer and get them to make whatever mental and emotional connections you want them to make. Therefore, whether or not you hurt anyone while advancing your story-line should never be a consideration. 

When setting out to tell a good scary story, truly successful horror writers often advise new writers to select something non-threatening or even something that is generally viewed as good or innocent and look for ways to change it into something that seems scary or evil. Conservative film makers are usually more advanced in this technique, as compared to the producer of this video.

Scary Stories Rating = 1

The truth about Sing for Change and the children who were harmed in the making of the above film.

Scary stories #7. Obama is coming for your guns.

First released in May of 2012, this film is titled “Obama Set to Dress Thousands of Russian Troops in US Army Uniforms To Take Your Guns.” As you will see, the producer of this film is full of fury and passion


Scary Stories Rating = 3

Does this need to be debunked?

Scary stories #8. Agenda 21

As far as scary stories go, this one is very popular among cult followers of the right wing. It’s popularity, however, seems similar to how “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” became a cult classic. 

Even though many people just don’t find vegetables threatening, there’s that sect of society that will throw their seal of approval on just about anything. I gave this one a low score, simply because I just don’t find anything scary about gardening, solar power, wind power or an Eco-friendly lifestyle. 

That’s not to imply that there aren't people out there who find those prospects utterly terrifying. (The fossil fuel industry perhaps?) Suspense building music, a red and black backdrop, lots of fear mongering. Still, the plot and story line just don’t do it for me.


Scary Stories Rating = 1

Agenda 21 Conspiracy debunked here

Scary stories #9. The gay agenda.

Imagine a world where being gay is the norm and being straight is the exception. The horror of it. Off key violin music, protest signs, low budget actors whose faces twisted are in misery. Watch this poor straight girl trying to grow up in a world of gay people. (OK, so this is not a right-wing production. I snuck this one in because it is based on all of the principles behind the right wing’s homosexual agenda fear mongering.)

Scary Stories Rating = 4
Scary stories #10. Illuminati.

I’ve saved the best of the worst for last. So many of the rights scary stories bleed into each other, but the illuminati and free masons conspiracies are like the backbone on which all other conspiracies must be stacked. 

If you chose to investigate Illuminati conspiracies you will find they incorporate everything from demons to aliens. There are clones, drones, shape-shifting lizard people, free masons, soldiers of the new world order, hidden secrets, lost prophecies, FEMA camps and invisible RFID chips. You’ll also find rap music, Walt Disney, Miley Cyrus, Batman, WW III and the lost city of Atlantis. 

If you’re searching for the all in one conspiracy theory, this would be the one for you. This video kicks off with snarling dogs with huge fangs. Immediately after we are shown a close-up of the human eye. In the center of the eye a nuclear bomb is exploding. Intense music, pictures of demons, weird symbols, references to the beast of revelation, end of the world, economic collapse, doom, despair and more.

Best illuminati conspiracy video for Halloween:

Scary Stories Rating = 4

Even if you didn't follow any of the other links to debunking materials, you should consider reading this one. The author is a rational Christian with knowledge of film making techniques. The site, which is devoted to debunking Illuminati myths, reveals a lot of the elements that go into the making of a really good scary story.