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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UPDATED: Goodbye and Good Luck!

Progressive Charlestown – the Final Edition
By Will Collette

The Gray People have finally won....
Well, we made it just past four years. Tom Ferrio and I put up the first Progressive Charlestown articles in January 2011. Since then, we have published more than 7,800 pieces that attracted two million page-reads.

We did our best to give you a different point of view than the one pushed by Charlestown’s landed gentry and rulers in the Charlestown Citizens Alliance. 

We also did our best to entertain and inform with everything from cartoons and Henri the Cat videos to serious articles on health, the environment and the economy.

We covered local events, promoted local non-profits and small businesses and tried not to miss any of Mystic Aquarium’s rescued seal releases.

We attracted writers from all over interested in our point of view and who wanted to share their own ideas.

But while we had fun doing it, mostly and some of the time, we’re still stuck with our town’s elite firmly in control of every town office and now have some really terrible representation in the General Assembly.

Imagine: we are represented in the RI House of Representatives by a guy who doesn’t even live in the District. And that’s OK with most people apparently.

And we have a group of right-wing clowns running the Town Council, the Planning Commission, Zoning Board and Budget Commission.

I guess you’ll have to get your alternative point of view from the Charlestown Press from now on. If actual war breaks out between the Narragansett Indian Tribe and the town of Charlestown, you’ll have to wait to see if Channel Ten sends Tony Gugliotta down to cover it.

I have mixed emotions. I relate to Henri’s sense of ennui but am also intrigued by my colleague Bob Yarnall’s attraction to fishing.

Ah, what does it all mean? Perhaps I should just say….APRIL FOOL!