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Friday, November 18, 2016

Round up the usual suspects

And arrest the Mayor of Providence
By Rep. Doreen Costa (R-District 31 North Kingstown, Exeter).
Annotated by Will Collette

Image result for Doreen costa
An example of how gracious Doreen Costa
is - flipping her middle finger at a
news reporter (Photo from RI Future).

Keep it classy, Doreen!
During this exciting time in our nation’s history, more than ever, I am proud to be an American, because on November 8th 2016, registered voters in our great country turned out in record numbers to decidedly elect Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States. 

EXCEPT the majority of voters, by well over a million, voted for Hillary Clinton. Trump won thanks to the arcane Electoral College to become the second Republican in a generation to “win” the Presidency by losing the popular vote. The first was George W. Bush, and look what that got us. - W. Collette

The hardworking taxpayers of all fifty states have spoken with a loud and resounding voice, telling all elected leaders in Washington, D.C. that their decision for change will be honored. That they in fact, want America to be great again. 

Gotta ask again, does this mean that America is not great now? When was America “great” the way you want it to be? 1953? 1927? 1859?

Following this year’s Presidential election, what I see in response to President-elect Trump’s win is beyond troublesome. To witness protesters burn our beautiful American flag on live television, block traffic, break storefront glass on business owners, burn and flip cars, because their candidate lost, is disgusting and is certainly NOT the American way. 

Actually, protest IS the American way and it is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Violent, destructive protest is not, and neither I nor any other responsible person on the Left condones that. But where, Doreen, is your outrage at the sharp spike in racist attacks and hate crimes spawned by Trump's "election?" For examples, see the preceding post.

President Obama won his bid for the Presidency twice, but I never voted for him. When my vote fell short of carrying his opponent to the White House, I did not cry, ask for a hug, wear a safety pin or burn the American flag. What I did do, was peacefully accept that my candidate lost, and wished our new President, his family and our country the very best, as should any self-respecting American. 

Doreen, exactly when and how did you ever wish President Obama and his family the “very best?”

I would like to ask why? What will this accomplish? Protestors are hurting small business owners and the livelihood of hardworking families by destroying public and private property. Students are not going to class because they say they are too upset. I hope the professors are giving them a zero for skipping classes that day. 

Maybe this is outside your experience, Doreen, but college students are not graded daily based on their attendance.

Governor Gina M. Raimondo was seen hugging her staff because her and their choice of President was defeated. I believe, if you have to hug your staff because you or they didn’t get their way, then I suggest you replace them with more emotionally stable personnel. 

I don’t even know what to say about this drivel.

Even Providence’s Mayor Jorge Elorza has hinted at breaking the law, should the President set forth a mandate he doesn’t personally agree with. If the Mayor of our capitol city refuses to honor the federal or state law, I believe he should be arrested. I beg anyone engaging in such destructive and immoral behavior to STOP! 

Yeah, Doreen, it’s time to round up all the usual suspects, including elected officials, news media, protesters or anyone else who does not accept your racist, sexist, xenophobic, lying sack of President-elect.

The election is over. We all woke up the next day, went to work, attended school and it was business as usual. Here is my suggestion to anyone disgruntled by the election results. Do something that invites goodness, kindness, compassion and gratitude into your or another’s personal experience. Thank a Veteran today and every day, hold the door open for the person behind you, pay it forward at your favorite coffee house by buying someone you don’t know a cup of coffee. There is so much we can do as a nation to bring our country and its citizens together, for one common good, to make our country great again. So let’s do it! 

What, Doreen, makes you think that we aren’t doing this already? Maybe you’ve got a problem with your own followers lacking basic decency and courtesy (see photo of YOU, above), but I haven’t seen that within our ranks.

One last suggestion to my fellow Americans. Replace your safety pin with a U.S. flag pin to show respect for your country, its leaders and its citizens, rather than add to the demoralization of the greatest nation in the world. 

Since America’s esteem and respect in the world has taken a huge hit, I guess some of us should celebrate the fact that America IS great right now. A year or two from now, I don’t know.