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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A good choice for Giving Tuesday

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England
Dear Charlestown friends,

Dayana, a teen peer-educator with Planned Parenthood of Southern New England wouldn’t have considered herself brave two years ago. When she first joined STARS (Students Teaching About Responsible Sexuality) she said she was “that shy, quiet kid who sits at the back of the classroom and never utters a word”. Because her time in the STARS program and the opportunities it presented her, Dayana says she stands a lot more confidently today.

Dayana is empowered by knowledge about healthy sexuality and relationships, and informed about the services and resources available to maintain them. Dayana is one of our 90 STARS who is changing our local communities through comprehensive sex education. Make a Giving Tuesday contribution today to give the gift of confidence to our STARS and all the lives that PPSNE health center staff touch.

Your contributions allow Dayana and hundreds of other students to experience PPSNE’s evidence-based sex education curriculum. Today, your Giving Tuesday gift, in addition to providing the reproductive health care services PPSNE is known for, will help students like Dayana and all the STARS continue the work they are doing in their schools, from Providence, RI to Stamford, CT. 

Through mentoring and talking to classmates about safe dating and sexuality, Dayana says she has changed. “Not only have I stepped out of my shell and learned how to become an active member of my community, but I have also learned the power behind helping others”.

You give Dayana, and all of our STARS, the confidence and skills to pursue happy and healthy relationships, embrace their sexuality and pursue their futures as they please.

Click here to make your Giving Tuesday gift today.
CARE. No Matter What.
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