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Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekends at Mystic

Seal in snowHello Winter Weather!
The safety of our animals, guests and staff is a top priority.

Please be sure to check our website and social media channels for updates on Aquarium closures, delays or early closings when the forecast calls for snow or icy conditions. 

Weekends in January

Warm up with us during weekends in January!

Join us in the Main Gallery for fun and family-friendly activities including Family Game Days each Saturday and Trainer Days every Sunday this month.
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Pancakes with Penguins
Family Overnight
Seal Splash
Pancakes with Penguins
Join us for breakfast with an African penguins on Jan. 15! Sales end tomorrow; get your tickets now before they're gone!
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Family Overnight
Pack your bag for an overnight adventure Jan. 20. Explore the Aquarium after-hours then fall asleep in the Main Gallery.
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Seal Splash
Dip or donate, this is the coolest thing you'll do all year! Start fundraising now then join us Feb. 18 at Eastern Point beach.
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Animal Spotlight: Beluga whales 
Belugas winter feed
Mystic Aquarium's Arctic Coast exhibit is one of the largest outdoor beluga whale exhibits in North America! Contoured to mimic the beluga's natural habitat in the arctic and sub-arctic, the water temperature is maintained at approximately 55 degrees in the summer and cooled naturally during the winter.

Belugas are covered in blubber which helps keep them warm in their cold habitat. During the winter months, their daily fish intake increases to help maintain that thick blubber layer. Our whales can eat anywhere between 50 - 80 pounds of restaurant-quality herring, capelin, mackerel, squid and sardine per day.

You Can Help

Take advantage of heat from the sun! Open curtains on your south-facing windows during the day so the sunlight can naturally heat your home. Then close them at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows. Also consider investing in thermal curtains which will help with heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Membership: Sea Change
Unlimited visits are great. Free 4-D is quite a perk. Clean oceans are life-giving. The benefits of a Mystic Aquarium membership are far-reaching.  We seek change through conservation, education and research. You sea change with your membership. Click here to join now! 

Mystic Aquarium's Corporate Sponsors 
Corporate Sponsors

The mission of Mystic Aquarium is to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through conservation, education and research.