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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rep. Langevin signs on to Medicare for all

“The most effective means of achieving universal health care”

Image result for Jim Langevin and health care Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) issued the following statement today on his intent to cosponsor the Medicare for All Act (H.R. 676) authored by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI):

"Every August, I travel the Second Congressional District to hear from my constituents about the issues important to them.

“During the two town hall meetings I held last month and in other visits around the state, countless hardworking Rhode Island families expressed their support for a single payer option as the most effective means of achieving universal health care coverage. 

“I share their passion for ensuring all Americans have access to the health care they need, and after much deliberation, I have determined that this is a policy worthy of serious consideration, so I have decided to cosponsor the Medicare for All Act. 

“I have long said the Affordable Care Act is not a perfect law, and I continue to look for bipartisan solutions that improve our current health care delivery system and support us on the path to universal coverage.

“Single payer is one of many options for achieving universal health care, and I am glad to see that the Medicare for All Act has renewed a national dialogue on how this country can lower barriers to care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes."