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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Yes, it's about Hillary Clinton

By Gryphen in the Immoral Minority

Courtesy of Business Insider

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) told the committee's chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, in a letter Friday that he does not think the panel is "presently on a path" to help defend against potential Russian interference in the 2018 midterm elections — and beyond. 

That is because the committee is elevating "peripheral issues," Whitehouse said, such as Hillary Clinton's relationship with the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. 

Fusion hired a former British spy during the campaign to investigate President Donald Trump's ties to Russia.

Though Senator Grassley was not named in the article pointed out by Whitehouse, he IS one of the Senators currently calling for a second Special Counsel to investigate Hillary's connection to Fusion GPS and relationship with Russia.

Grassley also called the insinuation by Whitehouse that a Senator had been "nudged" by the White House to be "baseless."

Which is exactly how you would expect somebody who was nudged by the White House to respond.
And of course the House Intelligence Committee, supposedly also investigating the Russian interference, has also wandered way off target 

The House Intelligence Committee has only issued one subpoena to a financial institution in the 11 months since it opened its investigation into Russia's election interference and potential collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign team and Moscow. 

The subpoena wasn't to Deutsche Bank — which was fined last year over its involvement in a major Russian money-laundering scheme and has been the Trump family's bank of choice for decades. Rather, the subpoena was delivered to the primary bank for the Washington, DC-based opposition research firm Fusion GPS. 

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, the committee's chairman, stepped aside from the Russia probe in April amid an ethics investigation into whether he'd disclosed classified information in a press conference. But he was cleared earlier this month, and has spearheaded a months-long investigation into who paid Fusion for its work during the 2016 election. 

Sounds like the Republicans in Washington are about to go all Benghazi again.