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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Charlestown’s aquatic population increases by one

Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program Makes a Splash at Seal Release
From Stephanie Bramich

Friday morning, Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Team heard their favorite sound – the splash of a seal returning to its ocean environment. Sweet William, an approximately nine-month old male harbor seal, did not hesitate as he rushed towards the waves on Blue Shutters Beach in Charlestown, RI.

Sweet William was rescued in York, ME by the Marine Mammals of Maine and was transferred to Mystic Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Clinic on November 5, 2017. During his two month stay at the Rescue Clinic, he received care to treat severe facial wounds and pneumonia.

Weighing approximately 29 pounds upon admit, Sweet William has gained roughly 21 pounds during his rehabilitation at Mystic Aquarium, making him a healthy 50 pound harbor seal at the time of his release.

The splashing doesn’t stop at Sweet William’s release, though, as the Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Clinic has responded to thousands of stranding calls since its inception in 1975 and continues to admit several seals to their Clinic every year.

Rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals is no small feat. The Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program depends on the support of volunteers and the generous donations from the community to provide the best possible care to the rescued animals.

Sweet Williams’s release timed out perfectly, taking place just a few weeks before Mystic Aquarium’s 5th Annual Seal Splash, a vital fundraiser that invites participants to plunge into the chilly waters of Long Island Sound in support of the Animal Rescue Program’s efforts.

This year, Mystic Aquarium is excited to announce a special twist to fundraising efforts that is sure to make a splash as the Aquarium invites the community to ‘Help us Send Steve Splashing!’

While Mystic Aquarium's President and CEO, Dr. Steve Coan, has always been an ardent cheerleader for the Aquarium's Animal Rescue Program and its annual Seal Splash, he generally cheers on the 'splashers' who brave the icy waters from the shore. This year, though, he has agreed to take the plunge…if his personal fundraising page reaches $25,000 in donations, that is.

Help Mystic Aquarium send their CEO splashing by donating to his fundraising page now at Then, join Mystic Aquarium and Steve at Eastern Point Beach on February 17 to see if Steve goes splashing!

Here’s more about what’s going on at the Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium's Out of the Blue News

Animal Spotlight: Moray eel


Ziggy Star
While this creepy cool critter tends to have a bad rap, the green moray eel is actually a very docile animal. They habitually open and close their mouths exposing many sharp teeth which lead some to believe they are a vicious creature. In fact, eels do this to breathe by sucking water into their mouth. 
Need more convincing that eels are genuinly sweet and unique animals? Meet one of our more peculiar eels, Ernie, and hear how he came to join the Aquarium's eel population on our most recent episode of Animal Rehab.

You Can Help

As you learned through Ernie's story, it is always wise to do extensive research before adopting a pet, no matter the species. Make sure you will be able to provide your animal with the best care possible throughout its life with you by asking these questions:
  • Do I have ample space for this animal to grow?
  • Can I maintain a health and balanced diet to ensure it remains healthy?  
  • Am I able to provide this animal with the attention and care it needs to thrive?
When in doubt, talk to your local veterinarian and see if adopting a particular animal is right for you.
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