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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Good news for pensioners

Rhode Island Pension Fund Continues to Deliver Strong Returns in August

Image result for bigger pensionsThe State's investment strategy earned 0.96 percent during the month of August, outperforming its benchmark return of 0.88 percent and continuing to deliver strong returns for the pension fund.

"Our members deserve a stable and healthy retirement system," said Treasurer Magaziner. "The Back to Basics investment strategy, which we began implementing two years ago, continues to deliver both growth and protection for the pension fund and our members."

Over the past three years, the portfolio also outperformed its benchmarks, returning 8.20 percent annually, while the plan's investment benchmark earned 7.96 percent. A traditional investment portfolio -60 percent stock and 40 percent bonds- would have earned 7.84 percent during the same period.

Treasurer Magaziner's Back to Basics investment strategy was adopted in September 2016 and included the decision to exit most hedge funds, investing in more traditional strategies.

Investment information, including performance, fees and expenses, information about managers, the status of the fund, and public records requests are available on line at the Treasurer's Transparency portal at: 

All performance is presented net of fees and expenses.