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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Go Fish

A Fantastic Class and OUTSTANDING News!

Beginners Fly Fishing Class
Registration Closing next Wednesday, March 6th
Monday evenings, March 11- April 15
There are only a few spots left for you to learn how to increase your comfort and knowledge enough to actually catch fish with a fly!  Join a life-long fly fisher who will explain and have hands on practice for topics such as casting, equipment/gear/tackle, knots, reading water, flies/hatches and stream etiquette.
Six classes at two-hours each, cost is $135, ten participants max.
For details and to register, click the link above or visit


US House & Senate passed
Wild & Scenic River designation!
7 Rivers
in the Wood-Pawcatuck watershed
are now just 1 step away from additional protection
Wood-Pawcatuck Wild and Scenic Designation
Passes the US Senate & House of Representatives
Yesterday evening, in a final vote of 363-62 the US House approved the Public Lands package, including national designation of Wood-Pawcatuck Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Last week, the US Senate approved the Act by a vote of 92-8. Now it's all up to the President to sign it into law.
River segments will be protected as either....... 
“Wild” : Undeveloped and pristine
“Scenic” : Having historic developments and some road access.
This prestigious designation will provide federal funds for local efforts to protect and promote seven local rivers in RI and CT.  This National Park Service designation has taken WPWA decades to attain and has required immense community involvement and support.  We could not have come this far alone.  As we move through the final steps, WPWA will constantly be thanking the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who have made this possible.
Thank You All
The Wood-Pawcatuck Wild and Scenic Rivers Stewardship Council is forming now and consists of representatives from the watershed towns, state environmental agencies and several key non-governmental organizations. Half the seats on the Council are already filled!  Through the authority of the Stewardship Council, the community's representatives will collaborate to develop and implement projects recommended in the Stewardship Plan. 
EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!
News coverage on our rivers big steps toward designation:
The Westerly Sun, Cynthia Drummond
The Hour, Peter Urban
Our Contact Information
Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association
203 Arcadia Road
Hope Valley, RI 02832