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Monday, January 13, 2020

January 18: All your questions about outhouses answered


     Charlestown Historical Society Annual Meeting
and Presentation on
A Photographic History of Outhouses
Cross' Mills Public Library
      January 18, 2020  @ 1:00 PM       
Please join us for a humorous and off-beat kind of history lesson on Outhouses, presented by Virginia Williams, and in honor of CHS's very own authentic "two-seater", which stands behind the 1838 Schoolhouse!

Virginia is a Texas native and teacher, serving as a teacher overseas for the US Dept. of Defense and later becoming a kindergarten teacher in the Cranston, RI public schools for nearly three decades.  She has been collecting photos of these "unique and necessary structures" since 1982, when she noticed they were slowly disappearing. Virginia will share the many interesting, unusual, and humorous stories she has collected over the decades.  Please join in the fun, refreshments and comradery will be served!!

Restoration Project on the 1838 Schoolhouse Two-Seater Outhouse

Coming in March ...
- Local Lore Night / March 26th
- CHS Annual Membership Newsletter
-  Illuminating HIstory: The Plantation Life of Southern R.I.
    and South County's Complicated and Unspoken Role in
    the Slave Trade
 Illuminating History, The Plantation Life of Southern RI, will include an exhibit at the Cross' Mills Public Library, four nights of speakers, a film and public dialogue.  We are excited about how the program is progressing and the positive feedback from the scholars, writers and historians who will be presenting.   More information to come soon.

We would like to wish you all a happy 2020, and thank you for your continued support.

Your membership allows us to provide not only you, but also Charlestown's visitors with increased awareness of our town's history, and also enables us to maintain ongoing updates to the CHS Archive/Museum and 1838 Schoolhouse.  Thank you!

We are open all year long for CHS membership by appointment at:  
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