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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

URI Cooperative Extension free webinar series continues this fall

Expanded online programming offers something for everyone

Whether you want to learn about the health and beauty benefits of maple, the economic impact of solar energy on Rhode Island’s open space, how to tell good bugs from bad ones in the garden, or how to become a community first responder to help prevent opioid overdose, the University of Rhode Island’s Cooperative Extension has something for you this fall.

In addition to programs on keeping your garden producing through autumn, or putting it to bed in a way that will help maximize your success next season, Cooperative Extension will be offering webinars on a variety of topics that will appeal to a wide range of interests. Webinars are offered each Tuesday at 7 p.m. through December

All sessions are free and open to the public. 

Advance registration is required.

The transition from in-person to virtual sessions began in the spring when the spread of COVID-19 forced the cancellation of most public events, trainings and workshops. 

Cooperative Extension has presented more than 20 webinars to date on topics ranging from growing fruits and vegetables to lawn care, and from plant and animal science to how to use the outdoors as a classroom.

“We are accustomed to bringing the science of the land grant university system to the people of Rhode Island through in-person programs, but the pandemic has hindered our ability to bring people together to learn. On the other hand, it has created an opportunity for our programming to be accessible to those without transportation or time to travel to us,” said Kate Venturini, outreach programs administrator for URI Cooperative Extension.

Webinar events are held live, via Webex, and feature URI faculty, staff and volunteers offering their expertise, followed by interactive question-and-answer sessions. The added benefit of the virtual format is that all events are available online for viewing at Cooperative Extension’s official YouTube channel.

Among the offerings this fall are:

15: “Hope’s Harvest: Saving Produce from R.I. Farms”
22: “Autumn in the Vegetable Garden: Keeping Things Growing”
29: “Property Value Impacts of Commercial-Scale Solar Energy in Rhode Island and Massachusetts”
6: “Practical Backyard Composting: Turn Waste into Want”
13: “Putting the Garden to Bed: Tips and Tricks for Success Next Year”
20: “Insects: The Good, the Bad, and the Mysterious”
27: “Sweet Discoveries from Maple: Medicine, Beauty and More!”
10: “Are You a Smart Well Owner?”
17: “Indigenous Plants: A Native Perspective”
Dec 1: “Perspectives 21st Century New England Energy Issues, Part I
Dec 8: “Perspectives on 21st Century New England Energy Issues, Part II”
15: “Community First Responder Program”

For more information or to register, visit URI Cooperative Extension.

Through Cooperative Extension, URI brings vital, practical information to agricultural producers, small business owners, communities, consumers, families, and young people in Rhode Island and throughout the United States. 

URI Cooperative Extension and its programs work to help translate science for practical application, and identify and find answers to emerging research questions that encourage the application of science and technology to improve agricultural, environmental, economic and social conditions.