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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Great weather for a 6-minute ISS flight over Charlestown

Clear sky, cold temp as the International Space Station travels from horizon to horizon

By Will Collette

Except for being below freezing, conditions will probably be ideal to see the International Space Station (ISS) serenely cruise over Charlestown, starting early at 5:16 PM. One of the only good things about the switch back to standard time are the earlier viewing times for the Space Station.

ISS passes through our skies quite often and I always enjoy seeing it. It passes silently. a sharp bright point of light that appears when it catches the sunlight and then disappears when it reaches the earth's shadow.

6-7 Six minutes is roughly the maximum amount of time it takes for the ISS to make the journey from horizon to horizon.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for clear skies and a temp as low as 24 degrees.

The ISS should appear at exactly at 5:16 PM at 10 degrees, just above the southwest horizon. It will gradually climb to 85 degrees overhead heading toward the east northeast where it will disappear at 17 degrees above the horizon.

The International Space Station is one of the few manned space ventures we have left and still serves some scientific purpose as well as one place where the US and Russia cooperate. 

NASA maintains a website and an e-mail list that help you keep track of these overflights. You can get yourself added to the e-mail list so you can receive notice the day of an overflight. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Here is the notice I received this morning:

Time: Sun Nov 20 5:16 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 85°, Appears: 10° above SW, Disappears: 17° above NE