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Sunday, May 23, 2021

VIDEO: More things that upset Rep. Flip Filippi

This may need to become a regular feature

By Will Collette

Rep. Blake "Flip" Filippi, Charlestown's state rep (sort of), gets upset a lot. He's a Trumplican and so he lives on rage and grievance. His frequent tantrums cover his lack of actual achievement.

He loves the media spotlight, perhaps even more so than his Great Leader Donald Trump. so complaining gets him attention he craves.

He fancies himself a man of ideas. But usually they are ideas for things people don't want or solutions to problems that don't exist. 

Like his long-running plan to get Rhode Island to drop out of the Eastern Time zone and hook up with Canada's Atlantic Maritime time zone, because in Flip's opinion, daylight savings time is bad. 

Being out there on this issue gives Flip two chances a year - each time we change the clocks - to get some national and even international coverage on his secessionist plan to hook Rhode Island up with Canada. Not that I have anything against Canada, eh?

Last week, I reported on a couple of issues that got Flip worked up. This week, I'll cover three more.

Last week, Flip was outraged at a bill that would automatically list you as an organ donor when you renew your license, requiring you to opt out rather than the current system where you have to opt in. A sensible way to increase available donor organs but an outrage to the Flipper. 

He was also outraged at a proposal to make bus rides free to promote ridership and help wean us from cars. He said this was an insult to his rural constituents who don't have bus service. He's talking about Charlestown, because Westerly and South Kingstown do have RIPTA service (and Block Island has its ferries).

The problem is Flip forgot to consult his Charlestown rural constituency, the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) who give him his victory margin in each election. The CCA just ramrodded through a Comprehensive Plan that explicitly states Charlestown doesn't want bus service (Plan, §8, p. 3). Flip, you and Ruthie need to talk.

This week, Flip is outraged that the state just designated a state coral (see below). How dare they do this before he had a chance to do something like it to get the publicity. 

As Flip tweeted:

State bug - check. State appetizer - check. State coral - check. Our native sponge, the Sycon Ciliatum, cannot soak in this disrespect any longer. #TheSpongeAct

Lots of states designate official state things to promote tourism, spotlight an endangered species or help a local industry with marketing.

Rhode Island did that quite successfully by designating fried calamari, Rhode Island-style, as the official state appetizer. 

Rhode Island catches more squid than most other states and we want to sell that catch. The official appetizer schtick worked wonders. 

But Flip is not amused, especially since he didn't come up with it.

On to the next outrage.

Flip joined with fellow Trumplican Brian Newberry to express outrage that the RI General Assembly has not yet moved sessions back to the State House.

In their opinion, the House should conduct its business without masks, plexiglass shields or any other COVID prevention measures because something.

Most COVID restrictions have indeed been lifted by our over-eager accidental Governor Dan McKee BUT that only applies to those who have been fully vaccinated. And McKee has no jurisdiction over the General Assembly.

The trick about reopening is knowing who has been vaccinated.

By the numbers, less than 50% of Rhode Islanders have been fully vaccinated. Trumplicans are far less likely to be vaccinated, especially ones like Flip's close colleague Rep. Justin Price who also apparently missed getting his rabies shots.

Flip will not say if he's been vaccinated. Indeed, that was another thing he was very outraged about, saying that such information is deeply private and how dare anyone even ask. So Flip won't say.

His soulmate, Klan Mom US Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (Q-Anon-GA) even claimed protection under federal privacy law, as she tweeted:

 "Vax records, along with ALL medical records are private due to HIPPA [sic] rights."

She means HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and she's wrong. HIPAA only applies to health-related entities like your doctor, insurance company or other medical providers. It does NOT apply to anyone else, including yourself.

Republicans are also outraged at the idea of having to provide proof of vaccination (as school children need to do when they return to school each fall). Nah uh, proof of vaccination is just another sign of creeping socialist fascism; "vaccine passports," fahgeddaboutit!

What we really need from high ranking Trumplicans is encouragement to other Trumplicans to go get vaccinated. They are among the most resistant to doing their part to end the pandemic. 

If Flip wants some good publicity, he should go on TV and tell Republicans, especially men, that the vaccines are good, they work, they don't contain any Bill Gates' microchips and they will save lives. Republicans can't expect Donald Trump to get credit for the vaccines if they think the vaccines are evil, right? Because, logically, it would then follow that Trump did an evil thing and that can't be right. Except in Trump World.

On April 27, a group of doctors who are also Republican members of Congress made this public service announcement promoting the vaccine. Flip should watch and learn:

Watch directly on YouTube here:

Finally, Flip is outraged at a bill that passed the House this week that would require single-user public restrooms to be unisex. 

He tweeted:

A poorly drafted bill with many unintended consequences, including making unisex single his and her bathrooms in private businesses.

Well, yeah, Flip. That's kinda the point. If there's a one-holer for public use, it would be designated as unisex. Lots of restaurants made that switch years ago without triggering the end of the world. If you've ever stood in line waiting for the person of your gender to get the hell out of the restroom designated for your gender, you'll see the wisdom (and efficiency) in the unisex approach.

And it will not cause the end of the world.