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Monday, October 25, 2021

Progressive Charlestown readers ask: “Where’s my daily summary?”

It’s still there, but different

By Will Collette

This is the top part of the last daily summary sent out with
the old system
Last summer, readers stopped getting daily summaries of articles posted in Progressive Charlestown. Instead, they started getting a thing called “” with “Progressive Charlestown – New Message” in the subject line.

With my deepest apologies, please accept my belated explanation of what happened and why.

What happened is the old tech gadget we used to automatically send out daily summaries went so obsolete that its owners simply dropped it. 

PC Supreme Tech Master Tom Ferrio found a substitute, “follow-it”, and made the swap, transferring the addresses of all PC subscribers to the old system to the new one. I don't say this often enough, but thank you, Tom, for the role you play to help Progressive Charlestown survive.

This is the new vehicle
Anyway, that was supposed to generate an e-mail to you to ask you if you were OK with the switch. Many of you didn’t notice this among all the other spam-like garbage you see every day. Perfectly understandable.

While Tom did his end to set up the new (and frankly better looking) alternative notice, I didn’t post any sort of notice to warn subscribers of the change and to invite new subscribers. My bad.

This is the new look (sample)
You can get the new “follow-it” daily summaries whether you subscribed before or want to start getting it simply by using the box in the right hand column that says “GET NEW POSTS BY E-MAIL.”

Just add your e-mail and click on “SUBSCRIBE.”

When you subscribe, you will receive notices like the one below, with links you can use to connect to specific articles. 

It’s free and if you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe.