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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Flip skips media op because he won't show his vax card

It takes something pretty major for Charlestown's state Rep. Blake "Flip" Filippi to miss out on a chance to go on statewide media.

But he did. By refusing to show his vaccination card, he was not allowed to go on RI public radio's popular talk show, "A Lively Experiment."

Flip has been treating his vax status as a closely-guarded state secret, declaring rights that do not exist. In fact, a business - such as public radio - CAN require someone entering their premises to show their vaccine card. That person has the right to refuse and to then leave.

Throughout the past two years of the pandemic, Flip has taken the Right's usual posture that there should be no public health restrictions, requirements or mandates. On the opening day of the General Assembly, he went on a rant over House rules requiring members to mask up when they are on the floor.

Personally, I think the reason Flip doesn't want to show his card is because he doesn't have one because he hasn't been vaccinated (COVID's gonna getcha, Flip). Maybe he's drinking his own urine or bleach or sucking down ivermectin. Whatever it is, he has been a useless mask-hole during this whole COVID crisis. - Will Collette