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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

From the Mystic Aquarium


Mystic Aquarium





Love is in the Water


Love is in the air at Mystic Aquarium, or should we say water? Our compassion for marine life can be felt when you visit and our admiration for our ocean planet extends to our shoreline and beyond as we work diligently to protect and conserve our waters, near and far. In this edition of Out of the Blue, you can discover ways to feel the love with us this month.  


Fall in Love at the Aquarium
Celebrate Valentine's Day in style with your significant other here at Mystic Aquarium! Sweethearts can venture through the Main Gallery or spend time gazing at the belugas. Not only will guests enjoy an array of sweet treats handmade with love by amazing, local bakers over at Zest Fresh Pastry, but also enjoy the sweet sounds of the violin played the one and only Big Lux! Don't miss this unforgettable evening kicking off at 7 PM on Saturday, February 12th at 7pm!




Peep! Peep! 
Some interesting (and adorable) sounds have been coming from the Penguin Pavillion this week! As the snowstorm swept through New England, an African penguin began ‘pipping’ at Mystic Aquarium. Pipping is when a chick begins to crack through the shell of a egg when hatching. Follow the penguin chicks’ journey as they become a part of the colony by following us on social media, exciting updates to come soon



Come Splash With Us!
Arctic Splash: Freezin' For A Reason will return in person for the first time in two years! You and your friends can raise money on behalf of Mystic Aquarium's Animal Rescue Program. On Saturday, February 26th, participants will charge into the chilly water on Eastern Point Beach. After the plunge, everyone will celebrate at Zbierski House. Make sure to register today!



Seal Pup Season is Here!
From December to March, pups are born and nurse for a few weeks. At approximately three to four weeks, the mom weans her pup, and the young seal begins to survive on its own. If you see a seal pup, remain at least 150 feet away and call the 24-hour Animal Rescue Hotline at 860.572.5955 x107. The Animal Rescue Team will respond and proceed with an appropriate course of action dependent on the pup's condition.



The Love Continues for Healthcare Workers 
Mystic Aquarium's offer of complimentary entry for professionals in the healthcare industry has been extended in February. This special offer is available to all employees of healthcare including (but not limited to): hospitals, doctor’s offices, veterinary clinics, etc. We thank you endlessly for all that you have done and will continue to do for our community!



Upcoming Events



Ocean Ambassador Coastal Clean-up
February 12
You are invited to join Mystic Aquarium’s Ocean Ambassadors for our February cleanup at Barn Island Wildlife Management Area. Our goal is to remove 5,000 pounds of marine debris, and we need your help! Learn More!



Virtual Winter Vacation Camp
February 22
Need something to do for your 1st – 5th grader over the winter break? Join us for an exciting and educational Virtual Winter Vacation Camp! This distance learning program will include an Aquarium Tour and more! Learn More!




Cocktails/Mocktails with Conservationists
March 2
Join our Director of Education & Conservation for cocktails (or mocktails) for conversations with members of the Aquarium team as we explore the conservation efforts that support the Aquarium’s mission. Learn More!


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Mystic, CT 06355