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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Scavenger Hunt Gone Awry, Eye Gouging & More

Not Your Grandparents’ Scavenger Hunt

An annual scavenger hunt in South Kingstown has us wondering what is in the water down there. The hunt, organized by seniors at the high school, is not a school-sanctioned event and produced a bevy of complaints on the night of Nov. 3.

According to reports, a Toyota Camry’s roof was caved in and windshield shattered after students jumped on the car and wooden posts were ripped out of the ground near the high school. Students were seen streaking near the Narragansett sea wall and several others were allegedly in one Wakefield business stripping in the store. 

A Burger King employee told police he saw a “highly intoxicated” teenager wearing just underwear jump out of a car and begin yelling “Where’s the list?” outside of the restaurant. He then allegedly ripped down a gate near a dumpster.

Can’t Drive 55

When you drive 100 mph in a 25 mph zone, you are likely to not get off with just a warning. This is especially true if you accidentally drive into a house during your speeding frenzy. According to police, a Cranston man was clocked at 100 mph around midnight and was weaving in and out of traffic when he lost control of his car and hit a house while trying to make a left turn.

An officer parked behind the man, got out of his car and drew his weapon. Speedy Gonzalez, however, allegedly did not notice the officer and backed up his car and took off, striking a parked car in the process. 

The 31-year-old man drove a short distance to his home and started walking to the house with his hands in his pocket, allegedly ignoring repeated commands from officers to get on the ground. Eventually, police were forced to restrain him. The man told police he was “just trying to get home.”

 A Much Different Meaning of ‘Next Round’s on Me’

Some people are happy drinkers. Others are not. This is a story about the latter. According to Middletown Police, one man became so disgruntled while drinking at a bar that he kept trying to pick fights, got kicked out and then returned to threaten the entire bar.

The 35-year-old Portsmouth man allegedly told patrons he was going to “shoot up the bar” and kill everyone inside.  Police apprehended the man as he was attempting to leave the bar while extremely under the influence. At the police station, he reportedly told an officer, “You’re lucky you secure your gun in processing, otherwise you know how things would end.”

Man Attempts to Gouge Friend’s Eye Out

In the words of Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy, “That escalated quickly.”  Two Cranston men reportedly got into an argument about money at the Pineapple Inn. One of the men accused the other of taking his money and, as the argument escalated, tried to gouge his eyes out. When rescue personnel arrived, they found the victim bleeding from his head and his eyelid had been partially ripped off.