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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Charlestown Style News

Must-read news for the style conscious Charlietowner
By Will Collette
Popeye was a Tea Partier. 

Dr. Daniel Sznycer, from UC Santa Barbara's Center for Evolutionary Psychology and Professor Michael Petersen of Aarhus University in Denmark have published  new research that suggests the size of a man’s biceps can indicate the man’s political leanings – the bigger the muscles, the more right-leaning the guy. This may explain by Rep. Paul Ryan spends so much time in the gym. Or Dan Slattery and Tom Gentz and their outdoor sporting pursuits.

Conversely, less bulked up men are more likely to display empathy and support more economic equality. According to their data, there was no correlation between musculature and politics among women.

Something for the guys with the big biceps. 

If you’re going to grow those big biceps and take up reading Ayn Rand, there’s a special on-line dating service created for guys like you. For the umpteenth time, I swear I am not making this up. Click here to hook up. And for shopping, there’s this website that promises to present you with the most expensive items available for sale in dozens of different categories, because nothing says conservative like paying too much.

We need this

French company Le Slip Francais is marketing a great new product – men’s underwear that releases a sweet aroma as the man starts to sweat. The product, dubbed “The Indomitable” is odorless when you buy it. The aroma last through 30 washings. The company’s ad pitch - "You want to change the world? You want to change things? Start by changing your underpants."

This too. 

If you’re a plumber or find yourself in situations where you may be displaying an “unsightly crack,” British company Polycell has the answer for you. They’re called Polypants and they are underwear especially designed to lessen your exposure. Company spokesperson Samantha Balloch says "Polycell is campaigning to rid the nation of unsightly cracks.” Show your Local 51 card to get a discount.

Closely related

While we’re on the subject of men and stylish new ways to deal with men’s problems, Latvia-based designer Kaspars Jursons has worked out an innovation that makes it easy to get men to wash their hands after urinating: they’ve combined the urinal and the wash basin into one unique design that will not only be a giant leap forward in sanitation, but is a time-saver as well. Called “The Stand,” the basin and water tap is mounted on top of the urinal. The water tap is hands free.

The End of the World is near. 

I really can’t find the words to do justice to the awe inspiring nature of these creations, all of which, I think may be on Town Council member Dan Slattery’s wish list. Just look and ponder