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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clean green

Getting Ready For Spring Cleaning (Part 1)
by Maddie Perlman-Gabel in
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To be honest I have never been more excited about the coming of spring then this year. For those of you lucky enough not to live in the NY/NJ Metro area, you have been missing out on inches of soot colored ice that makes everything look dreary and wreaks havoc on the roads.  

Even though spring won’t officially start until March 20, I would do anything to start spring early and be able to take a walk along my favorite nature path, even start my spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted clutter and unwelcome grime.  I have divided this topic of “Green Spring Cleaning” into 2 parts running consecutive weeks. Today’s article will cover green actions and tasks relating to spring cleaning and the next article will talk about  natural cleaning formulas.

Go Through Unwanted Clothes and Items and Donate Them

If you didn’t wear it the last 2 years you probably won’t wear it this year either. Instead of throwing the clothes out give the clothes a second life and donate to an organization like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Opt For Low VOC and VOC-Free Paints While Painting Your Walls

Paint products like Eco-Spec, by Benjamin Moore; Clarity, by Dutch Boy; Enviro-Pure, by MAB Paint; American Pride Paint; and BioShield Milk Paint are eco conscious alternatives.

Use Re-Useable Mops

Instead of buying a Swifter whose mop heads are disposable after only one use; instead use a old fashioned mop with a washable head.

Use Washable Cloths Instead of Disposable Paper Towels

Not only do dishrags absorb better then paper towels, using dishrags instead of paper towels also conserves trees.

Set Up a Clothesline to Dry Your Clothes

Though it might take a little longer than using a dryer, clotheslines are a great option for the spring and summer. Not only do you save electricity you would have used in operating a a dryer, clothes dried outside have a very clean yet nonchemical smell.

Use Natural Air Fresheners Instead of Synthetic Ones

Instead of having your home smell like an artificial cookie, use a plant. According to Studies by NASA, plants like the peace lily, spider plant, golden pothos, mother-in-law’s tongue, bamboo palm, ficus, pot mum, and gerbera daisy, have been shown to remove chemicals like benzene,  trichloroethylyne, and formaldyhyde from the air.

Don’t Forget To Recycle

Before you throw something out, check to see if it can be recycled.