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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sierra endorses SC progressives – Donna Walsh, Cathie Rumsey, Larry Valencia, Teresa Tanzi, Sue Sosnowski

RI Sierra Club announces legislative endorsements

The Rhode Island chapter of the Sierra Club has released the endorsement of the following candidates for state representative. As part of the oldest environmental group in the country, our selection committee based this on a questionnaire we did with Clean Water Action which was sent to every candidate running. 

Also, for incumbents, the Environmental Council of Rhode Island's legislative scorecard was used. 

Additionally, as is the policy of Sierra Club nationally, special weight was given to candidates who come from in activist background, particularly those who have worked with us on campaigns in the past.

Here's the list:

  • Edie Ajello – H. 1 Providence
  • Chris Blazejewski – H.2 Providence
  • Aaron Regunberg – H. 4 Providence
  • Maria Cimini- H. 7 Providence
  • John Lombardi – H. 8 Providence
  • Grace Dias- H. 11 Providence
  • Art Handy – H. 18 Cranston
  • Dave Bennett H. 20 Warwick
  • Joe Solomon H. 22 Warwick
  • Scott Guthrie – H. 28 Coventry
  • Teresa Tanzi -H. 34 Narragansett/South Kingstown
  • Donna Walsh – H. 36 Charlestown/Westerly/SK/BI
  • Larry Valencia – H. 39 Richmond/Exeter/Hopkington
  • Jay O’Grady – H. 46 Lincoln/Pawtucket
  • Linda Finn – H. 72 Middletown/Portsmouth
  • Deb Ruggiero – H. 74 Jamestown
  • Lauren Carson – H. 75 Newport

  • Gayle Goldin- S.3 Providence
  • Doris De Los Santos – S. 7 Pawtucket
  • Adam Satchell – S. 9 West Warwick
  • William Conley- S. 18 East Prov/Pawtucket
  • Stephen Archambault – S. 22 Smithfield/N. Prov/Johnston
  • Margaux Morisseau – S. 21 Coventry/Foster/Scituate/W. Greenwich
  • Josh Miller – S. 28 Cranston
  • Cathie Cool Rumsey – S. 34 Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond, W. Greenwich
  • Sue Sosnowski- S. 37 South Kingstown/Block Island

We thank everyone who returned the surveys. We received a record number of responses and some of the decisions were difficult but everyone was considered carefully. There will be a second announcement of endorsements for the Governors, Lieutenant Governor and Treasured along with additional State Representative endorsements.

Congratulations to all those selected in this first round of endorsements and we will work with your campaigns and other endorsees to get you elected.