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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Here we go again…snow’s coming

But as usual, predictions are all over the map
By Will Collette
Blizzard Dog animated GIFBefore the Blizzard of 2015, or “Juno” if you like that name, hit the northeast last week, predictions were all over the place as to its intensity in various locations. 

New York Mayor DiBlasio took a big hit because he based his extra-cautious approach to the storm on the most dire, worst-case predictions and “only” seven or eight inches hit the city. Most mayors and governors in the northeast took similar cautious actions again relying on worst-case scenarios.

In hindsight as in foresight, that probably was the right thing to do since, for some communities such as Nantucket and those along the Massachusetts coast, worst-case is what they got.

As I noted in my pre-Juno Progressive Charlestown articles, meteorologists have gotten very good at predicting storm tracks, but they still don’t have the science down yet to accurately predict storm intensities. For Charlestown, Juno was supposed to dump two feet; when it was over, I measured 14 inches. Bad, but not as bad as forecast.

So we end up looking at the storm that will hit us Sunday night and into Monday with forecasts that range from the current National Weather Service forecast specifically for Charlestown that says 1 to 3 inches Sunday night and “heavy snow” without an exact number yet for Monday.

As usual, Patch is predicting another Snowmeggedon. The Weather Channel is predicting large accumulations, too. In their forecast for Charlestown, they are calling for 3 to five on Sunday night and another four to eight on Monday.

The only thing we know for sure is that we are going to get another storm starting tomorrow, leaving you with today and most of Sunday to prepare.

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