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Friday, February 13, 2015

Stormy weather

Once again with the warnings about big snow
By Will Collette
Blizzard Peaceful animated GIFStorming warnings are up once again for a major winter storm for the weekend. Some parts of New England, mostly those that have been high hard before, are going to get hit hard again. 

The official winter storm watch for our area starts Valentine’s Day at 3 PM and runs until Sunday at 7 PM. The general outlook for much of the watch area is 6 to 12 inches, though it looks like Charlestown will once again escape the storm's full force.

That, of course, was more than enough for the local Patch to once again say there will be a foot of snow that will drop on South Kingstown.

I’ve got to stop reading Patch’s forecasts because their Brian Williams approach to weather reporting only pisses me off.

If you look instead at the National Weather Service and Weather Channel forecasts specifically for Charlestown, you get a radically different picture

The National Weather Service forecast for Charlestown is for 1 to 2 inches on Saturday and 2 to 4 for Sunday. After all the snow we’ve seen this season, this is nothing. Plus with low temperatures and wind, this snow is likely to be the light and fluffy kind that is easy to remove. No ice. No wintry mix.

The Weather Channel for Charlestown says about an inch on Saturday, maybe 3 to 5 on Saturday night and 1 to 3 inches on Sunday.

Since Charlestown got its first real taste of winter when Juno blew through on January 26, we’ve had storms blowing through every 3-4 days but generally, the more conservative National Weather Service forecast for Charlestown has been more accurate than either the Weather Channel or the Snowmaggedon forecasts on Patch.

It pays to be winter smart. Watch and assess the forecasts. Keep your house stocked with needed supplies. Stay off the road when conditions are poor. Be careful when you do storm clean up. Ask for help if you need it.

With a spate of roof collapses in the area, pay attention to snow and ice that may have collected on flats roofs of buildings you own.

You’ll find lots of practical advice on weathering this and other winter storms to come by clicking here including information specific to Charlestown.